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JD’s Bunker

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JD’s Bunker is the ancestor of JDPendry.com and American Journal.  The Bunker began in late 1997 on a free web hosting platform named Geocities.  It remained there until Geocities faded away into cyber space.  At that point the transition in my aged cranial hard drive is a little fuzzy, but Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Dan Elder offered to host the Bunker on one of his activities named Virtual Battalion Headquarters (vbnhq.com).  JD’s Bunker continued there and additionally Dan provided me a forum for JD’s Bunker on his popular NCO Website.  Circa 2005, Dan chopped his websites (minus the often politically incorrect Bunker)and much accumulated knowledge and expertise to the Army (I believe that is a correct characterization of it) as they were forming Army Knowledge Base communities which were in their infancy. Fortunately for the Army, Dan had a significant head start and was an important part of that.  Dan is a pioneer in that arena.

Following all of that, I started JDPendry.com and continued JD’s Bunker.  That was going full speed with a reasonable amount of subscribers and traffic until December 23, 2008 when I was involved in a serious automobile accident.  From then through 2009, there was no activity at JDPendry.com.  Subscriber base, web traffic, etc. all dwindled to nothing.  While I was about to give up on the pursuit altogether, Dan again offered to host JDPendry.com on his webhosting service at Topsarge.com now MILMEDIA.  We began anew in 2010.  Since then JDPendry.com has existed as a place for me to write some when time, my demanding day job, and life in general permitted.  Goes without saying that it was sporadic. There has never been an attempt to commercialize the site, but the times they are a changin’.  On June 30, 2016, I retired from my second career and now hope to embark on a third in the written media and maybe into other platforms as well.  Who knows? Doc tells me I have to keep the cranial hard drive busy otherwise they’ll be fitting me with a drool bib or for a coffin.

As you might imagine from 1998 to 2008 there was a large volume of material posted in JD’s Bunker addressing Army issues, social issues, politics, and Americana. I’ve chosen some old Bunker pages, linked at the top and a few articles that are  are representative of the old Bunker.

You may find the html coding amateurish and shockingly simple by today’s standards, but in the days these pages were created you were mostly self-taught and hand jammed every page.

Champion Six of Diamonds

Leading in the Three-Meter Zone

APFT Procrastinator’s Club
A Lot of Stuff Can Happen

Educating Noncommissioned Officers
The History of the Sergeant Major

Building a NCO Series

Setting the Foundation
Self Assessment
Personal Battle Focus – Mission and Goal
Personal Battle Focus – Personal Mission Essential Tasks
Personal Battle Focus – Personal Mission Training Plan
Personal Battle Focus – Review
Defining Leadership