Here we are. Christmas decorations are back in the box, but along with the decorations let us not put away the meaning and spirit of Christmas. That Chinese guy is undoubtedly laughing at me – again. He saw my gold glitter covered coveralls and imagined me trying to stuff his reindeer and sleigh back into the box from whence they came. They are in there, maybe slightly bent, folded, spindled and mutilated, but in there all the same.

I am trying to sort out which emotion to attach to what is before us. It could easily be anger or hopelessness. It could be fear. No matter, unless you are a survivalist living totally unconnected and off the grid, there is at least some anxiety.

I am not certain of which presidential contender will ultimately win my favor, but there is one thing I am dead certain about. If my choices are named Clinton or Sanders on one side and road kill on the other, I will vote for the road kill. It would leave us no worse off, maybe better, if the road kill just laid there like pavement pizza and did nothing. If nothing else, Americans are resilient. If left alone by government, it is common everyday Americans who will return our country to greatness.

I am not a political prognosticator and polls really irritate me. I cannot predict which contender will get the nomination. What I can see is that nothing is going to jive with the norm. If it did, there would be great big GOP group hug for either Jeb or little Marco. Just keep it in mind that the communists-liberals-progressives or whatever their accepted political label is these days, never easily concede power. Just recall hanging chads and 100 percent of a voting district choosing one candidate.

It is interesting to observe. Trump, if he contributes nothing else has demonstrated that Americans want to hear about the issues that establishment types double talk their way around out of fear they might offend one identity group or another. What he has brought out is that there are still many people who believe this is great country and who identify as Americans first. What he has shown with the Cruz birther angle is that at his core he is not much different from other politicians. Willing to stoop to whatever depth necessary to bring down an opponent. Something in which Cruz has elected to not participate.

I heard there was somewhat of a cabal in Iowa of Huckabee and other single digit candidates wanting to take Cruz out. It just reminded me of an episode here in Wild and Wonderful when Huckabee allied with McCain to take out Romney in the first go around and we all know how that turned out. McCain, the man who had a conniption fit when the future president’s full name was used at one of his campaign events. The same McCain that is now, amazingly enough, concerned about Cruz’s citizenship and eligibility. Disappointingly even Rand Paul joined the birther fray. It is insightful how these establishment politicians and some we thought for certain were not ally, even with the commies, to take out a candidate they fear. And Trump is right in there with them. I find that telling.

The polls and the word showed Cruz was wrapping up the evangelical vote. So Rubio practically turned into a preacher overnight. Even more of a preacher than Huckabee who allegedly is one. To me, Rubio’s monotone memorized speeches are wearing thin. Especially when his gang of 8 walk does not quite jive with the talk.

I will not discount anyone at this point although I have my druthers. When it becomes obvious to most of the pretenders that they have no chance, I expect Rubio to get the establishment nod and their collective endorsement.

Nothing much changes does it? Hillary or road kill? I am voting for the squashed possum.

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