A Classic Battle

Good versus evil is humankind’s classic battle. It was our first defining fight. It will be our last. One propels mankind forward as we might see in a review of the History of the United States of America. I am not sure if anyone attempts to learn that history anymore and I am quite sure that it is not properly taught in the American public school system. Apparently it is not in our institutions of higher learning either. If it was, when an accurate statement is made about one of our nation’s historical events the person offering it would not be labeled as ignorant of it. The other is destructive. It keeps societies illiterate and locked in worlds that most abandoned centuries ago. It destroys or tries to destroy whatever it touches. It has no other purpose. It is insidious by its nature and often not apparent until the price to confront it is high.

Local writer Don Surber posts a daily scoreboard of good versus evil. Maybe that is Don’s way of pointing out the subtleness of it. Glenn Beck, on his daily programs, is a rare national voice that also tries to draw a clear line between good and evil. For his efforts his is ridiculed. But, one must consider the aims of those who ridicule. Mr. Beck is not subtle. Maybe being hit between its collective eyes with a piece of dimension lumber is what America needs to shock it out of its stupor.

There must be clarity of thought on the topic and maybe it is high time that Americans actually began to examine things in terms of the classic battle. Achieving clarity is not so tough. Just understand that evil never produces good. Just as there are no little lies neither can we quantify evil. Where do little lies lead?

There is an institution in this land that is capable of great good and of great evil. There are good elements in it, but over time good has not won the day. It is the media. In all of its forms.

In our country, the media has and still portrays itself as the great arbiter of free speech. Actually, it is and has been the great destroyer of free speech. They destroy it by trying to actively control what speech Americans hear. As I was reminded last week, it is just like when Uncle Walter Cronkite announced to America that we had lost the Vietnam War and Americans trusted his word. Bluntly, Walter lied. Many more people died. Evil cannot produce good, but I am certain that in Cronkite’s mind he thought what he did was good. It fit his ideological worldview. The problem is that when ideology trumps facts, it does not lead to good. Good ol’ Uncle Walter did not tell Americans the facts. The facts were that the United States Military handed the North Vietnamese a devastating defeat in Tet of 1968, but the major media voice controlled what Americans heard and ultimately believed.

Fast forward to today. There has been a concerted media effort to destroy Sarah Palin. Anyone who doubts or denies that surely lacks any mental clarity. The media is all a thrill that they finally have access to 24,000 email messages from her time as the Governor of Alaska. Apparently there is nothing there or it would have been the highlight of all of the Sunday morning television talk shows. How many of Barack Obama’s emails do they have. What of anything pertaining to him do they have? What have they ever sought with the same vigor as they seek anything Palin? It is a rather pathetic display. No, it is actually a national disgrace.

I do not know your political views nor do I know your worldview. It does not matter to me how you think, but for our country to survive each of us must understand evil when it is staring us in the face. Each of us must also understand that evil cannot be defeated by evil, because at the end the winner will still be evil. Only good can defeat evil. Pray that our countrymen can make the right choices.

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