A Foundation of Lies

It is like the Biblical parable of the man who built his house on the sand giving it a foundation that could not weather the storms. In our country, when the house falls many more than just the proprietor will be swept away. While we all sit around wondering how we got here and to whom we should assign fault.

I watched an interesting video clip speaking of Islam as a threat. Admiral (Retired) James Lyons talks about actions not taken that could have been and should have been then finishes up by sharing the foundation of the Obama strategy, “It is Anti American, Anti Western, Pro Islam, Pro Iranian, and Pro Muslim Brotherhood.” I believe I could add a few more “antis” to the list, but they all fit comfortably under American and Western. Worth the minute or two it takes to listen to it.

No matter from where we get the moral code by which we live and from what authority it is derived, each us will at some time in our lives have to decide what is right and what is wrong. We have to make that choice minus today’s relativism. Things are either right or they are wrong. I am not contemplating others with this thought. It is more of a self-chat. From time to time I need to check my own compass heading. I am not much good to myself or to my countrymen if I cannot hold firm to what I believe.

Back to the question of to whom we need assign blame for the predicament in which we find ourselves. For me, I must assign blame for the state of our nation to the man in the mirror.

I suppose I am about as middle as middle class gets. I tolerate things happening in my country that would never be allowed across the threshold of my heart or mind as being even remotely acceptable. You can ponder your own list of those closely held “things.” But, I believe I share with too many a tolerance for accepting dishonesty from public officials holding the highest offices of the land right on down to where the rubber meets the middle class road. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan, and families will save $2500 a year on health costs…. Elitist lying politicians have become the norm. How do we deal with this dishonesty? Well, fifty percent of us do not even vote.

Just yesterday another Police Officer was murdered. The anti-police rhetoric in our country has support from the highest office in the land, the country’s top law enforcement office, and the usual group of race hustlers along with Louis Farrakhan who called for his “army” to hunt them down and kill them. We all heard how the police “acted stupidly” more than once. We have riots, destruction of businesses and destruction of private property. We have murder rates shooting through the roof because police officers fear being prosecuted if they have to un-holster their weapons. We had one officer beaten unconscious because he hesitated to use his weapon.

Sadly, the whole thing is built on a lie. “Hands up don’t shoot” never happened and even Eric Holder’s Department of Justice could not find a crime, but they are still rioting in Ferguson. People with weak minds who may choose to shoot a police officer in the back probably see themselves as some sort of a hero for a cause built on a lie. And, the progressive media, the people in charge of one of our most precious freedoms, keep kindling the fires. It just seems to me that someone wants to see confrontations in the streets. So the government can sweep in and save whom? From what?

In the media they periodically speak about the President’s legacy. Mr. President it is already written. A legacy sitting atop a foundation of lies. It will not withstand the tests of time and at some point your daughters will have to explain to your grandchildren why history is so unkind to you.

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