A number 4 combo with pepper jack please

Suzie-Q and I were on our way back home from our favorite fast food place. It is the one where the employees are always pleasant and are quick to respond that it was their pleasure to serve you if you should offer them a thank you. They will grab your tray if you are finished or drop by your table and offer to refill your drink. Their spicy chicken deluxe sandwich with pepper jack cheese along with waffle shaped fries is very good and Suzie-Q loves their milkshakes. It is the place where the owner stated unapologetically that he accepted the Biblical definition for marriage. It is the place where the planned liberal boycott had the reverse affect. I reckon the moral of that story is that you should not try to come between us and our chicken sandwiches and maybe what we believe as well.

You cannot change hearts or minds with a bludgeon. In Denver they are still applying the philosophy that says if you have them by the short hairs, or some other part of the anatomy, their hearts and minds will follow. The Denver City Council, while ruling over its piece of the serfdom of legal pot heads, has decided to block Chik-fil-A’s bid for a concession at the Denver airport because their owner accepts the Biblical definition of marriage. There is nothing like a little liberal fascism to make America work better.

Anyway we were sitting at a traffic light, yes we do have some of those in Wild and Wonderful, in our overly computerized automobile. Have you read any of the stories about hackers taking control of automobiles? Makes you pine for the days before all of that stuff. That is a discussion or another day perhaps, while we are considering how to survive the apocalypse.

There we were at the light. I reached over and grabbed my drink from the cup holder, which is too near the gear shift, to get that last swig of watery coke from the bottom. I only got air when I pulled on the straw. So I did what you do. I grabbed the straw and started poking around in the ice. I poked so well that the straw went right through the bottom of the cup. I became aware of this about the time the remnants of the icy drink made contact with my groin. It is safe to say at that point the cooled front seats became unnecessary. A least we were stopped at the light and Suzie-Q came to my rescue. Besides, we still had time at the light because when the light changed the guy in front of us was fully engaged with his smart phone. I did not honk the horn, but the several cars behind me that did not make the light certainly did. Technology is making great contributions to our daily lives, is it not?

The bottom falling out of that drink cup made me think about Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign. What do you reckon Slick Willie and Barry O talked about during their golf came? Willie was either in the begging mode or he was explaining about the things he knows that Barry O does not want the rest of the world to hear about. And Barry probably countered with I know some stuff too. Whatever transpired, it does not appear to have altered the Rainbow house war on the Clintons. The golf course summit apparently did not result in a peace deal. Maybe they should have brought along Genghis Johnny. He is such an accomplished negotiator. Just ask him.

The progressive media is so zeroed in on the establishment Republicrats trying to torpedo Trump and Cruz that they are willfully ignoring the battle to the death in their own beloved party. Chris Matthews has noticed. As the tingle leaves his legs, he declared that if Hillary drops out of the election he will shut down his television program. Hey Chris here’s a little acronym for you from my younger days. WHOGAS!

Anticipating the Biden Warren ticket? As I said before, be wary of the one who swoops in to save the party. The same goes for the pachyderms. Let us just hope that when the parties finish taking one another out that we are not left to cast another meaningless vote. If that happens then another acronym is appropriate. BOHICA.

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