A Pivotal Experiment

Nostalgic. Seeing the world’s most recognizable symbols of communism, the hammer and sickle, displayed at the opening of the winter Olympics. Pitiful. Not a mention of the scourge of humanity that was the communist Soviet Union and has been communism across the globe. No mention of the millions killed by Uncle Joe Stalin. Surprising? Not at all considering the prominent media, NBC, covering the Olympics is ideologically aligned with hammer and sickle communist governance. These communist symbols, according to NBC, represented “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” There was nary a word about the evils of this “pivotal experiment” where the leaders of it eliminated political opposition by murdering them. There can be no opposition in communism. Either you belong to the party or you are an enemy of it. Sadly, those communist symbols represent more death and inhumanity than does the Nazi Swastika. NBC and other fans of communism would like you to believe that a former KGB Colonel is now a lover of freedom.

Communism takes hold when half-literate people give away their freedoms and it stays and destroys when the people no longer have the means to resist it.

Communists attack those who openly oppose them. They use government to suppress their voices. Our Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice are behaving like the Gestapo or the Stasi. Prosecuting, auditing, and suppressing the voices of any prominent opposition. But, we have assurance from dear leader that there is not a smidgen of corruption there. It is just another FOX news story. As opposed to the 24/7 propaganda aired on practically every other major American media outlet.

Communism has no God, except for dictatorial dear leader who views him or herself as the national deity – the great giver or taker of freedom and all other things. Dear leader provides, or not. Without God then those entrenched social and moral roadblocks can be easily overcome. Vlad Putin’s Russia has frowned a bit upon the homosexual agenda, but the neo American brand of communism fully embraces it.

I do not believe we have political opposition in Washington significant to turn back the communism that is about swallow up the nation that represents freedom’s last stand. What serves as our opposition to creeping communism is flaccid, pastel colored timidity. What is their political strategy for saving freedom? You just wait until next time when we will be in charge. Then we will fix it.

Communism does not work that way boys and girls of the opposition. There will be no next time. Fight it now or it will grind you into a pulp and American freedom right along with it. As you are now, you Republicans, you are not political opposition and you are not even a viable alternative. You are just more of the same. You are so contorted and twisted to the whims of identity group political correctness, you lack the intestinal fortitude to say wait a damn minute. The only identity group we care about is the American identity group. The group that sings America the Beautiful in English, supports and defends our constitution and liberty, and pledges allegiance to our one nation under God. But you will not do that. You fear being beat to death with a bigot bat by a media you so want to adore you.

Nope. Your plan is amnesty for illegal immigrants. The groups of voters you court keep beating you up with little slogans like “this country was built by immigrants.” No, this country was built by Americans. It was built by people who came here seeking freedom from oppressive societies and embraced America as the world’s one truly “pivotal experiment.” It is the experiment borne of God-given freedom, individual liberty and self-reliance that vaulted her to the top of the prosperity heap in the history of nations. No matter from where one hails, when he or she embraces that spirit he or she becomes an American first.

People sneak into our country for one of two reasons. They are escaping from a failed socialist state or they aim to do us harm. Politicians want to call them dreamers. There is no dream here except for the one that destroys America and replaces it with a dictatorship. Apparently, that is the dream we are embracing these days. It is the dream of an anti-American minority supported by a minority of the super wealthy. This is bolstered by an ideologically aligned, but politically and historically ignorant media and Hollywood propaganda machine. They lead the sheep that make up half of our population that is illiterate of our history, and political, and economic systems except for the historical warts that are continuously sold to them as the status quo. They have no earthly idea of how the economy works and how the people who they are being driven to hate by the communists create wealth for many others by seeking wealth for themselves. These are people primed to embrace the pivotal, albeit failed, experiment of communism.

They are certainly history’s most pivotal experiments. Soviet style hammer and sickle communism and America’s God-given freedom and individual liberty. One brings national prosperity. One brings national death.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

One Reply to “A Pivotal Experiment”

  1. TheHarp

    First of all, Mr. Pendry, your website registration/log in process is, well, tedious. I must admit though, that sometimes I make mistakes. That being said, I can’t agree more with your analysis of the network “message” re Communism. Of course our government is riddled from the inside with Communists of all stripes, from the White House on down. I can’t understand why, since we were warned about this numerous times beginning in 1944: “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the label of communism; we will not take it under the label socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But, take it we will.” Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944
    I guess no one was listening. God help us.

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