A Reckoning

If you came of age in the 60’s or early 70’s, you know about bra burning, hippie free love, and the sexual revolution.  America has always had her
radicals, but with outfits like the Weathermen and Students for a Democratic Society that too was on steroids.  Draft dodgers littered college campuses with the ashes of burned draft cards.  Those not well off enough to finagle a draft deferment or a position in a Reserve or National Guard unit ran to Canada only later to be granted amnesty.  In the military, war fighting shifted from the military to the politicians.  The Supreme Court decided that prayer in school was unconstitutional and yet found that women had a constitutional right to kill unborn children.  It was a cultural shift of some magnitude.

It was a time of political activism, anti-war/anti military protestors, draft resisters, the counter-culture hippie revolution, the drug culture, women’s liberation….  The 60s was a Mount Saint Helens, a giant volcanic eruption blasting us toward a societal tipping point. The 60’s – The Shape of Things to Come

In the early 60’s about 90 percent of Americans identified as Christian.  A 2015 Gallup poll showed that it was then around 75 percent.  My personal experiences taught me a much larger gap exists between those claiming Christianity and those actually practicing it.  Other research shows that less than 20 percent of Americans actually attend Sunday Church services.  It simply shows that America and Americans are gradually pulling away from a higher moral authority.  Daily we see the results of that abandonment.

We should not be shocked when people advocate for Socialism, Marxism, and Communism.  We should not be shocked when American flags burn at the feet of people holding a hammer and sickle communist flag.  We should not be shocked at the tsunami of sexual assault and sexual harassment claims coming out of Hollywood and Washington.  We are likely only at the tip of that iceberg.  We should also not be too surprised when such events, depending on the perpetrator, are minimalized in the legacy media.  It is the same media that laughingly mocks Christians, conservatives and anyone not appreciative of those taking a knee at the display of our flag and playing of The Star Spangled Banner.

It is interesting to read about the fall of the Roman Empire.  There are as many reasons offered for the decline as there are PhD’s to argue them.  What runs through all of those educated offerings are mass migration, decline of moral values of the upper classes, and government corruption and political volatility.  Is America embracing the Roman paradigm?

You may be familiar with the writings of Jonathan Kahn.  His latest book is The Paradigm.  In it, he explains historical paradigms dating from Biblical times that we find ourselves repeating.  We make the same mistakes that ended in destruction of ancient societies.  As the layers are stripped away, the depth of our cultural rot is painfully visible.  We are the game pieces in a supernatural battle.  It is a battle where we can see just how far we have fallen – the level of political corruption and moral depravity we are willing to tolerate.  As it is displayed before us to see, it is up to us to break the paradigm or not.

There are plenty of people who will call me nutty – or worse – for thinking the way that I do.  If you hold a Christian worldview you accept that spiritual warfare is real.  Every day, each of us chooses.  Each of us can accept or reject what is presented to us.  We are in a period of reckoning.  The choices we make decide the future of our country and this world.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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