A republic madam, if you can keep it

Well Ben, it remains to be seen whether we can or cannot. Or whether what remains now of our once great republic is even worth the effort. Ones time might be more productively spent learning how to disappear from sight. For we have arrived now at a point in time where our nation is not recognizable. Some people believe this is good. Most of them who believe that call Babylon on the Potomac their home.

Great nations have faltered throughout human history. History typically remembers the reasons for their demise more so than the reasons for their lost greatness.

I have tried hard to avoid the political crap that is thrown at us every day and called news. Nothing is news about a gathering of wholly corrupt men and women who work very hard to keep the party in power, their cronies in the government’s purse, securing their own positions of power, and growing wealthy on the salary of a public servant.

Yesterday, a Republican led House of Representatives voted to fully fund the programs they have been running against for the past 6 years. Seventy-four United States Senators supported the constitutionality of executive amnesty. What they really did is tell the American people that our laws are not worth the paper on which they are written. Actually, that is the message sent out to the world. One man, whose position has been known as the leader of the free world, can violate the law of the land without any fear of repercussion. That is a republic lost, our Constitution to find its place among ancient relics. Our national compass governed by wrongheaded ideologies of men rather than laws.

Sadly, history never recalls the great people who built a nation. Rather it recalls those who destroyed it.

When the American people give successive landslide victories to one political party over the other, the mandate should be crystal clear. We the people do not like the direction our country is headed so please take this political majority and govern by the will of the people – the way our “representative” republic is supposed to function. What we got instead was flipped off. Flipped off by a collection of people who do not give a rats hind quarters about the United States of America, Americans, our laws or anything else and most specifically you and me. These are the political elitist bastards who will be remembered for our destruction.

They are the WWF. They are business people. They posture for the cameras. They do some tongue and finger wagging then retire to the back room to share whiskey and cigars while counting the loot taken from a gullible people. Has it not become obvious in recent days that our country’s very own elitist snobs, who get large government contracts, believe we are easily mislead and too stupid to know the difference.

Out in our streets and even in Congress people are saying “hands up don’t shoot.” To hear them they want justice. No, what they really want is a lynching. What the people who are playing on their stupidity (the same elitists who believe all Americans are stupid) desire is radical change in our judicial system – like doing away with the grand jury process. That is the target, but all Americans see are the riots and tee shirts.

Americans decry the plight of their communities and the conditions in their cities and want to blame anyone who is handy. They can even be egged-on into burning down their own neighborhoods. Pushed into it by people who are liars, thieves, and charlatans and who have trusted positions with the highest office in the land. I do not care from which American community you hail. The person most responsible for your plight and that of your community can be found in the mirror.

Ben, we cannot solve the problem until we identify the problem. Our problem is simple. The morality of our nation is swirling down the sewer. The world’s most tolerant nation, I have visited enough of them to accept that statement as unequivocal truth, is committing suicide. In Babylon on the Potomac, there are two types of people. There is the type that fits into the mold of liberal-communist-progressive and the type that truthfully believes in our country and the Constitution they have sworn to protect and defend. Actions speak louder than words and by recent ones it is quite clear that the latter is the minority.

Maybe we can keep it Ben, but like you and your colleagues it will require a revolution. Not one of guns, but a moral and political revolution. Otherwise Sir, the republic you gave us ended this weekend.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry American Journal.

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