A Sense of Humor

I believe the Lord has a sense of humor.

On Saturday, I decided to replace the light fixture on the front of my house. With the house being a split level the work is up there just a bit. Not an issue. Having rode a rope down from a hovering helicopter, been the novice team member (therefore most dangerous) on a few rock climbing endeavors during my youth, having rappelled “Australian” style (I do not know why it is called that except it is upside down from the way one normally does it) down a four story building to entertain visiting parents and students during freshman orientation week, I have mostly conquered my fear of heights. That is, unless I am perched on a wobbly extension ladder about 15 feet above a slab of concrete. And that Australian thing? After the second trip down and during the routine safety check on top, I discovered that there was only one strand left of the triple strand nylon rope from which my Swiss seat (do not know why they call it Swiss either) was made. So, for the record, a hot snap link will burn through a nylon rope. And that could turn out to be not so funny.

“A little comic relief in a discussion does no harm, however serious the topic may be.” – C. S. Lewis

Replacing light fixtures is usually not too difficult. Turn the power off of the circuit at the breaker box, not the light switch. If there are outlets on the same circuit, and generally there is, then there will be a constant current. Failure to turn the power off at the box will probably cause the squirrels to giggle when you spark off the aluminum ladder. Connect black to black, white to white, and get a good ground. Put a bulb in it while it is hanging there. Then flip the juice back on it. If the light works, then flip the power off and go back up the ladder and finish mounting the fixture.

So there I was perched on my ladder, turned backwards so that I could look at the light, and trying to finish the operation by securing the light fixture to the mounting bracket. Get this image in your mind. The light fixture is about the same diameter as a Frisbee. The side that mounts to the ceiling is filled with insulation. It has two tiny holes through which the mounting screws, which are already attached to the secured mounting bracket, must pass. When the fixture is positioned so that it can be mounted, you cannot see the screws. You have to do it by touch. Did I mention the large spider that came out of the hole where the junction box is? I think it was a brown recluse, nasty critters. Swatting at a spider while perched on a ladder with a light fixture in the other hand is not recommended, although I managed to steer him away from me. I watched him gracefully ride down his strand of web and out of sight. Probably laughing at me all the way down.

I had to dig around in the fiberglass insulation to actually locate the screw holes. I did that and began the task of actually getting the screws into the holes. I would get one in, then while trying to locate the other the one I had would pop out. This went on for a few minutes. For a spring day, it was hot. Sweat started to trickle. Anger and frustration started to rise. I was about ready to turn my sort of expensive light fixture into a Frisbee. With wobbly legs atop a wobbly ladder, I sat on a rung and leaned back against the brick wall. The wall felt cool. I looked out at the clear sky with a puff of clouds here and there. It truly was a peaceful sight. After a minute or so, I took a deep breath, stood and started again.

From I do not know where, I blurted, Lord, if you all are through laughing at me you can give me a hand with this. One small turn later, both screws and holes aligned perfectly. With a silent thought of thanks, I reached into my shirt pocket for the nuts and tightened down the fixture. He does have a sense of humor. He will let us struggle along until we ask for His help.

Do you want further proof the Lord has a sense of humor? Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, the Clintons and the Bushes, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi… – Washington, DC in general. He will let us struggle along until we ask for His help.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

One Reply to “A Sense of Humor”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    Glad to read you survived the light fixture adventure! I have to admit, last week’s article was a bit depressing and we all needed a funny story to start the week.

    Which reminds me, want more proof the Lord has a sense of humor? How about Donald Sterling, too much money and viagra – definitely a bad mix, especially when you think a younger woman ‘loves’ you for your…uh, looks!

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