A Time of Reckoning

ThinkerThere comes a time of reckoning for all of us. For Democrats and for America it is today. I particularly want the Democrats in the West Virginia Congressional Delegation to pay close attention. Americans, yes and even the underestimated West by gosh Virginians, are more politically attuned now than at any time in our Nation’s history. Probably as much as we were pre-Revolution and pre-Civil War. We know what a cover vote smells like and the stench covers you. When your party boss has enough votes, she allows you to vote against the party so that you can plead later to your constituents that you opposed the legislation that put them out of work, raised their taxes and attempted to replace God given rights with government given ones. That is why when contacted just hours before a vote, you report that you are undecided. You are undecided because your party boss has not yet determined whether she needs your vote to help steer our country in a sharp left turn toward communism. Therefore, the desires of the San Francisco liberal communist that you bow to and represent with your votes is more important to you than the West Virginians you pretend to represent. The bottom line is that whether you are from West Virginia or North Dakota, your constituents know that you support the party and the direction the party wants to take our country. Whether you vote yea or nay, you own the outcome. Period!

What is even more farcical than the cover votes and the outright political bribery is the pro-life red herring. If your political party collectively supports that murdering unborn babies is just a choice and you remain a party member, then you remain a supporter of death that makes the atrocity of the holocaust pale in comparison. So spare me your pro-life credentials. You have none.

You support a party that wants cap and trade legislation. Legislation that the President has stated will quadruple the price of electricity and will bankrupt coal fired electric plants. Since more than half of our Nation’s electricity is generated from these plants, how do you think that will affect all Americans? The federal Environmental Protection Agency is making it practically impossible for new coal-mining permits. In case you didn’t notice, unemployment just hit 11 percent here in the mountain state. I suppose an Executive Order could declare West Virginia a national park, as has happened to other potentially energy producing regions of our country.

Now, you are about to vote for health care legislation. It is not about health care. It is about controlling our lives. The fact that you considered pretending that it passed without voting for it only shows the fascist tendencies of your party and most specifically its leadership. The fact that you want to pass it when it is clear that a majority of the “represented republic” doesn’t want it is even more telling. The bill will also make student loans available only from the government. That is a strange health care provision. So besides deciding whether or not we get medical care, you will now decide where we go to school and what we study. Isn’t that interesting? Communists decide whether their people are educated and whether they become mechanics, sanitation workers, physicists or party politicians. So when your party casts the vote that puts our country on the express train to communism, know that you own it and we know it. We won’t forget it.

I like Spring. I spent the full day yesterday outside working in and admiring God’s creation. I am amazed at the renewal that comes this time of year. I also realize that we can prune it, clean it and maintain it, but we cannot improve it. All we can do is care for and protect what God gave us. It is just like our God given rights. Men, especially American politicians, must protect the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator and not try to replace the Creator.

Whatever the outcome of the vote that may forever change our country I believe that just like the renewal that comes with Spring it will bring about a re-birth of the American Spirit of Freedom. If there is a Whitehouse celebration , it will be a short one.

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  1. Captain America

    “If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action.” (p.) Declaration of Independence

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