A time to question

Reasoning is never, like poetry, judged from the outside at all.  The critique of a chain of reasoning is itself a chain of reasoning: the critique of a tragedy is not itself a tragedy.  C. S. Lewis

It’s time to question.  For anyone fond of critical thinking, it’s always a time to question.  Questions don’t always garner complete answers or truth.  But persistence in searching and asking and verifying usually does.  Arriving at the answer, however, is not always the destination hoped for.  When a preconceived notion is drawn, a scintilla of evidence is often enough to end the search.  Us fallible humans are prone to leap at anything that reinforces what we are predisposed to believe.  Maybe that’s because it’s difficult to know what’s true without questioning.  Accepting whatever you see, hear, or read because it plays to your emotional state.  No one is as robotic, logical and precise as a computer but God gave us some infinitely more valuable.  The ability to think and reason.  The ability to find answers bypassing our animal urges to lash out.

I consider myself reasoning thinker.  Some might label me conservative and that’s okay.  I prefer that label to the multiple pejoratives often tossed in the direction of people that believe as I do.  I believe in God, my creator, God-given freedom, and inalienable rights that cannot be taken from me.  I can surrender them and some people these days appear ready to do that behind utopian promises.  Utopia exists, but you need to make it through this life to get there.  In the jargon of the day, I suppose that makes me a right winger.  America will continue to falter until we can forget about left and right and start critically thinking about right and wrong.  I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to sometimes asking the wrong questions or settling for partial answers.  If I put my self-chats out for the world to see I believe I owe any reader better than that.

Some of my friends are concerned about the direction of the Department of Justice under Attorney General (AG) Barr.  There’s good reason for their concerns.  People from the top of our government proven to have broken laws walk free with no criminal charges.  Barr has been labeled just another deep state asset operating the unbalanced justice model we’ve all recognized for years.  A system that allows some documented to have committed crimes walk free while others who did not commit crimes are investigated endlessly until they’re caught in perjury traps, personally destroyed, and likely imprisoned.  Nothing seems fair about that and it raises hackles.  It raises mine.  But it also makes me curious enough to question deeper.

As I read about Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page et al I wonder why none of them were charged.  I also recall a critically important caveat added to the end of most of those accounts, at this time.  We have the IG reports telling us about lying and leaking and conspiring.  The IG can only interview employees of the department and has no authority to do an outside investigation.  Isn’t it possible the AG and his appointed prosecutors investigating these cases do not think the IG report is sufficient to prosecute?  It was sufficient to get some people fired or moved from positions of responsibility, but that’s all internal to the DoJ.  And where are Rosenstein, Baker, Ohr… and others involved in altering documents, submitting error riddled FISA warrants etc.?  What about the involvement of intelligence agencies led by Brennan and Clapper?  I believe there is a lot left out there to think about and I’m going to hold fire until I see the end of this.  Barr promised it’ll all be out by early summer.  The Democrats are doing all they can to discredit Barr and paint him as the President’s personal hatchet man.  Somebody in the swamp is really worried.  I think we need to wait a while.

There is another poison that’s killing America.  This one may be more deadly than crooked bureaucrats and politicians.  Simply because otherwise good people do not take a minute to check.  Just a moment to question before hitting the share button further dispatching poison around the internet.  The adage is truer today than ever that a lie travels around the world before the truth can get its pants on.  I’m guilty of some of this sort of thing.  Seeing something outrageous I was conditioned to believe and firing it around the Internet.  Much of it sarcasm, but some of it because I wanted to believe it true.  I am fortunate in life to have a friend or two who politely wag their fingers at me if I slip.  I can attest that I’m taking time to question first.  Let’s do our country a service.  When we see something that would be earth shattering if true, question its validity.  Has it been reported by any credible news source?  If not, then it’s likely not true.  Sharing stuff across social media without checking is like shooting a gun.  You can’t un-shoot it.  You may delete it from your post, but you cannot possibly get back every other share of it.  You can’t delete the post of the person who shared it with you or who shared it with them.  Touching that share button in haste adds a few more drops of poison to a society that is truly standing on the very edge of a tipping point.  Let’s try not to be the last straw.

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One Reply to “A time to question”

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    I’d go along with you about “at this time” if I didn’t have a pile of ugly proven info on Barr and his close association with Mueller and others who are not upstanding moral citizens. I will wait and see, but my gut says we’re going to be sorry again. Hope not, hope and pray you’re right. I want to be wrong about this…I want the innocents and those who helped Trump freed from the nightmares and I want the perps to swing…in their orange suits for years.

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