ABNORMALITIES: I got some. How about you?

By Paul Schneidmill

I have Abnormalities – characteristics and qualities that are and can be considered abnormal or not normal in certain/specific instances.  I’m happily and unashamedly willing to share. 

Physical Abnormalities (having to do with my physical qualities):

My cervical spine vertebrae are inverted – the column section of bones in my neck curves toward the front of my body and not toward the back as is normal.  This could be an abnormality I had from birth or possibly the result of the impact my body sustained over years of exiting aircraft prior to them performing the act of landing on runways (I was a paratrooper at one illustrious time in my life).

I have what is known as a degenerative disk disease and something called sciatica – these I may also have acquired from the previously mentioned reason in the paragraph above this one…and/or from life, period.

I also have a new and recently determined physical abnormality known as an arthritic knee (my left one).  Who knows why?  I certainly don’t.  I currently receive no monetary disability for any of my physical abnormalities or deficiencies – that may be an abnormality in itself.  

Mental Abnormalities (having to do with my mental and thought processes):

I think people should accept responsibility for whatever they do or are responsible for causing/initiating, whether they believe it right or wrong.

I don’t think motorists should make a right turn from the left-hand lane (or vice versa) or throw trash or un-eaten food, unfinished beverages, etc. – especially while waiting at stoplights) as that first instance of idiotic and inconsiderate vehicular behavior can cause accidents, and as the second promotes the vermin population in communities; which in turn promotes sickness and diseases.  While I’m on this particular vein, I also don’t believe smokers (participants of one the vilest personal habits there is) should throw half-smoked cigarettes or cigarette butts from their cars; regardless of if their specific automakers were negligent in installing ash trays in their vehicle models…duhhh…all automakers install ash trays in their cars – use them.     

I don’t believe that people who possess the ability to talk very fast while rhyming to an incessant and pulsating beat while using vulgar and/or racially denigrating language and language that denigrates women, should be categorized as musicians or as artists in the art form known as music.

I talk to myself a lot about a myriad of subjects, topics and personal things because I’ve learned that I’m one of the few people I can truly trust.

I could expand on this area easily, but I thought I’d just provide a sampling…

Social Abnormalities (having to do with my social/societal beliefs and standings):

I believe in a GOD whose reputed book teaches and impresses upon me to love all people, including my enemies, and I don’t believe that makes me radical.  I also believe that people who believe in a GOD whose reputed book and associated/related writings that teaches and impresses upon them to hate everyone that doesn’t believe what and like they do, and to kill their enemies, should not be determined as being radical or radicalized; because in my belief and understanding in the area of adherence to faith, when you’re following your book, that’s essentially what you’re doing.  Therefore, I believe these people are endeavoring to adhere to the book they view as vital to their faith, just as I’m endeavoring to adhere to the book I view as vital to my faith…not an excuse or an endorsement – just calling (within my “abnormality”) what I believe is real, as real…for real consideration…     

I’m an unhyphenated American.  In actuality, I’m not hyphenated about anything and in light of that, I don’t believe I’m undecided, diluted or divided about who I am or whom I can be or what I can or can’t accomplish.

I’m what I would designate as an avid non-social media participant.  I.E., apart from reading and/or sending emails and texts to family members and close/real friends, plus checking the online ESPN football section and a few other beneficial URLs, I do no “social meddling” whatsoever.  I.E. (again), I don’t have a FACEMASK account and therefore cannot “like” anyone there, I don’t “follow” anyone or anything on TWISTER, I don’t TWEETIE BIRD or SNAP CRACKLE (or maybe it should be CACKLE…just saying) and my life is not tied to nor dependent upon my phone or any other type of electronic contrivance.           

I’m unconcerned about celebrity goings-on and therefore do not “subscribe” in any way to TNZ, Wendy Wee, Page 7 TV, Access Holley…, Entertainment Tonie…which very likely means I’m not down with O.P.P….   

Lastly (though I could most certainly share more), as a retired member of the United States Armed Forces, who had the express honor and distinct privilege of serving in the United States Army for twenty-one years; I emphatically believe without guilt, reservation or shame, that not everyone should be allowed the express honor and distinct privilege of serving in the United States Armed Forces.

As I stated in the beginning of this confession/profession: I have Abnormalities – characteristics and qualities that are and can be considered abnormal or not normal in certain/specific instances.

I have them…and they are most assuredly mine.

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