America do not go gentle into that good night

By J. D. Pendry

On Thursday last week, I was catching up on the spring yard work.  While weed whacking and mowing, I keep a little radio in my pocket, ear phones plugged in, listening to the local news talk radio station.   It was Mueller day so I was fed a heavy dose of Mueller malarkey.  How did we ever arrive at this low point in American history?  Why would people hysterically cheer the so slight possibility that a Russian agent was elected President of the United States while fantasizing his public execution.  It was the same people who wept when the unthinkable happened Election day 2016.  The same people from the FBI, CIA, and DoJ that panicked fearing the likely exposure of their shenanigans.

Some good came of the failed coup attempt cover up.  And it was a coup attempt.  A coup is something not supposed to happen in America. A place where we once marveled at our free elections and peaceful transfers of power.  We are so far removed from that lofty idea that we are barely recognizable as a free republic.  We are a couple of fraudulent votes away from becoming Venezuela.  Or worse. 

So, what good came of it?  I’d wager most Americans never heard of the deep state and if they had it was written off as a wing nut conspiracy theory.  Reliance on traditional media and their cable progeny, traps many in willful ignorance.  They remain plugged into America’s great brainwashing mechanism.  It is beyond sad that one of our most cherished rights, freedom of the press, has been turned against us plying us daily with misinformation and outright lies.  It’s been Russian collusion all day, every day even on the day the Mueller report made clear what sensible Americans have known all along.  There was none.  At least there was none from the Trump campaign.  We can only hope the next investigation is the one that pulls the plug on the Washington swamp now properly labeled the deep state.  Lady Justice’s scales were tipped and the blindfold ripped from her teary eyes.  The obstruction report was fodder for the media and the Democrat house.  Pretend it is you, even if you are the most liberal of the liberal.  We cannot prove you murdered your wife, but neither can we exonerate you.  It took 17 lawyers and super cop Mueller to come up with that one.  In a free America, people do not have to prove their innocence.  Unless of course they’ve upset the deep state apple cart or are a quasi-conservative nominee to the Supreme Court.

The deep state isn’t new.  These days, it’s emboldened because it can drop something into its media wing and it’s sold, unquestioningly, lock stock and barrel to the brainwashed American people who rely on our great freedom of the press to keep informed.  Nowadays, keep them inflamed more like it.  The deep state are career government bureaucrats filling the top levels of government agencies.  They’ve always been there.  Administrations, of both brands, seed these agencies with their people.  Like minded people who will slow walk any policy attempt they don’t support and leak damaging information to their media propaganda wing.  The coup attempt has demonstrated the powerful and dangerous threat to freedom the deep state is.  Unless we can put a stake through its heart, we will never have a government by the people for the people.  We’ll remain as we are now.  A duped serfdom led astray by the pied piper press and corrupt politicians.

Finished up, I sat there on the patio.  I removed the sweat soaked bandanna from my bald head and sipped my third or fourth bottle of water.  I watched the breeze sweep cherry blossoms across the back yard.  With my ears unplugged from the radio, I listened to the songbirds.  Down in the valley, I heard the low rumbling of the coal train rolling through town, horn blasting.  It was Maundy Thursday.  The day of the Last Supper and Jesus’s betrayal at the garden of Gethsemane.  I don’t know why Holy week thoughts popped into my mind following the Mueller deluge unless it was to remind me that maybe it takes a great injustice to save a people from themselves.

I arrived in this world with the same longing as every person.  A longing for freedom.  It’s a longing that cannot be taken.  It can only be given away.  Deep state, corrupt politicians, corrupt news media none of it will steer me away from that longing or my willingness to fight for it.

Many years ago, I wrote a school term paper about Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas comparing and contrasting him with others of his time.  He was a drunkard by reputation and died young at age 39.  Probably his most famous work, that’s stayed with me over the years, was a poem about death, Do No Go Gentle Into That Good Night.  Americans, cherish your freedom and do not let it die.  Do not go gentle into that good night.

God Bless a Free America!

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