America is Bigger than You

Experience and lessons have taught me that good leaders inspire. They love the institutions they lead. They are passionate about the people they lead. They unite. They hold the same values as the led. They know it is never about them. It is always about the led. Self is not at their center. It is always about the inspirational vision. Time is never spent focused on the negative. Instead of fixing blame, they fix problems. In response to their leadership, morale is always high. Performance is always above the accepted standard. The led can always look to leadership for a proper example.

The opposite approach to leadership generally ends in spectacular failure and self-destruction.

To lead the United States of America, you must love her and her people. You must know and embrace the laws of the land and have an understanding of her founding and history. Loving America means setting out to strengthen it. Preserve it. Reinforce the foundation. Inspire the people toward greater achievement to the benefit of the world.

If one loved the country and the people and had an intimate understanding and acceptance of the true American culture, he would not set out to fundamentally transform it.

If someone wanted to be an American leader, he would make many patriotic speeches declaring a red, white and blue America. He would profess his knowledge of and defend the constitution. Knowing America, he would publicly declare his Christianity. He would publicly embrace Christian values like marriage being between one man and one woman. He would promise government that is open to the people – the most transparent one ever. He would promise to change the Washington political culture – break the political bickering and gridlock. He would promise to unite. He would promise a post-racial America. He would offer hope and promise change.

He would understand the American media and the liberal mind. He would use both to his advantage. After all, it takes a liberal progressive communist mind to know one. He would begin the quest for the prize as a wholly made up man with a legion of lawyers and millions of dollars used to lock up his past tighter than a gnat’s butt stretched across a base drum. He would proceed with confidence knowing that nary a challenge or question about his history or his competence would arise from either his sycophantic liberal disciples or an incompetent ideologically driven print and broadcast media.

Following his election as the nation’s leader to the planet’s most prized seat of power, he would embark on a world tour. In Europe, Asia, and in the bed of Islam he would bow subserviently to foreign leaders and make speeches apologizing for America’s past. He would never acknowledge it was a past that included freeing much of Asia, Europe, and Islam from murderous tyrannies. He would never discuss freedom, American heritage, or how America has confronted her problems through the ages. Human rights and civil liberties problems remaining prevalent today in many of the nations to which he apologized.

When asked about American Exceptionalism, he would blandly declare that America, the America he now leads, is no more exceptional than any other nation. Other nations include communist dictatorships and theocratic thugocracies. Thus, proving that he does not comprehend that a nation founded on the guarantee of individual liberty is indeed the exception among nations. There is no other like it.

Having publicly declared his Christianity, he would be quick to declare the land founded seeking the protection of divine providence and whose motto is “In God We Trust” is not a Christian nation. Having previously declared his belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, he refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and embraces the homosexual agenda. He practically bans God from the military and opens it to open homosexual service. He gives congratulatory telephone calls to professional athletes who declare their homosexuality. But never a word is mentioned when a true American hero is murdered.

He has embraced a culture of immorality that a “Christian” nation could never accept. If a young woman, misguided by loosening morality, becomes pregnant he bluntly retorts that he would not want her punished with a baby.

His mantra is equal justice, income equality or any other equality angle he can think of on the fly. His actions, however, have nothing to do with equality. With the help of identity fascists and federal government agencies, the actions clearly demonstrate that the equality talk is just that and for the benefit of those who live in the victim culture. His version of equality is oppressing, silencing, and utterly destroying anyone who does not accept and embrace his worldview.

He is supposedly at war with the wealthy. That is what he wants the victim culture to believe, but every action taken demonstrates that the war is on the American middle-class. Once the world’s strongest and the backbone of a free America. Every good communist knows he cannot control the people if there is a strong, self-reliant middle class ready to defend their way of life and freedom.

There always comes a time when the arrogant are humbled. They become such spectacular failures that their adoring disciples, out of a natural sense of survival, begin to fall away. Knowing that this too must end, they will abandon this ship of state. They may embrace a Godless immoral culture, but written on their hearts is individual liberty. They may not come out in vocal opposition, but they will grow silent and leave no big voices circling in defense. And the walls will come tumbling down. Pray the pendulum does not swing too far in the opposite direction.

First they came after Christians. Even the most ardent liberal mind knows that it does not end there – cannot end there and so must be stopped. God printed liberty in the hearts of all people liberal or otherwise. He put that power on grand display in this land. God is bigger than America. Because of Him, America is bigger than any single want to be dictator.

© 2104 J. D. Pendry

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