America is Freedom’s last stand

It’s no longer about Trump.  It’s about anyone who helped him, knows him, worked for him, or voted for him.  I voted for Trump.  I will vote for him again.  If he loses a fair and fraud free election, so be it.  If the Washington Establishment whose hell bent to nullify his election manages a successful coup via impeachment, I reckon I might be moved along with millions of others to take to the streets.

American upside down.

Our country is becoming unrecognizable.  A baseball cap automatically makes you a racist.  A red MAGA caps frighten people yet the Hammer and Sickle flags waved over the dead bodies of millions and prevalent at violent protests in America doesn’t trigger anyone.  When Malcom X hats were popular, I do not recall heads exploding all over the media and Hollywood.  When idiots that have the audacity to call themselves anti-fascist wear masks over their faces and attack MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters, move along there’s nothing to see here.  Only in America can a group of Catholic school boys, a few of them wearing MAGA hats, be profanely attacked and berated by a cult calling themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites, be confronted by an American Indian known for being a professional protestor and lying about his military service, and the school boys called racists and perpetrators all across news and social media.  Only in our topsy-turvy broken American culture can this happen.

Who are the racists?

Democrats, their elitist sycophants, and their heirs apparent own the Klu Klux Klan, Slavery, Segregation, Bull Conner, George Wallace, Jim Crow, Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Democrat Senator for life Robert C. Byrd; Margaret Sanger, founder of the modern-day temple of child sacrifice, an advocate of eugenics and sterilization of the “race of degenerates”, have the unmitigated gall to call anyone a racist.  What’s worse?  Because of life long media and education programming, you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial that knows any of that and it likely won’t appear in a Google search.  Maybe the slogan should be, make America educated again – less ignorant of its own history.  Or we can run around like spoiled children throwing temper tantrums and destroy reminders of it.

The new religion.

I’m certain some members of the Democratic party claim Christian faith.  The truth is, along with some Republican tag-a-longs, the party has a new religion.  It drives everything they do from funding the government to confirming judges.  Their religion is abortion.  Killing unborn children.  Child sacrifice, infanticide, on a scale not seen since the ancient religion of Baal.  Now, in the state of New York, a woman can decide up to the date of birth to kill her child.  How anyone can embrace that and actually stand, applaud and cheer this evil is beyond comprehension.  I’ve heard all of the arguments.  What about incest? What about rape?  What about?  What about?  What about?  There is but one answer.  What crime did the baby commit that warrants a death sentence?  For the Margaret Sanger fans, according to, “On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.”  In the states that do not have the death penalty for murder, women can still choose to kill their unborn children.  In New York, it’s illegal to put a murderer to death but okay to execute an innocent  baby on its birthday.  Right now, the United States of America has almost 63 million deaths to answer for.  And we will.  Maybe Speaker Pelosi can comment on the morality of that.

Lurch toward Socialism.

Now, there is the left lurch toward socialism led by Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Socialist darling Coo-Coo Cortez.  Medicare for all, 70% tax rates, and allowing billionaires is immoral all from a woman who reportedly has an economics degree.  She also believes the world will end in 12 years if we don’t fix global warming.  Her Green New deal will save us.  Then there is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a known Communist sympathizer.  de Blasio declared that we have plenty of money, whether he meant in New York or in the United States I don’t know, but the problem is the money is in the wrong hands.  Socialism fails.  It always turns into a dictatorship and people die – usually masses of people.  It fails everywhere it’s ever been tried.  Just look at Venezuela. The once oil rich country that is now in poverty and its citizens starving.  I know, not much about that in the main stream media.  Keep America ignorant.  The argument made for socialism is take a look at Europe.  For the uniformed, all of those great success stories are not socialist countries.  They are very highly taxed welfare states and if you read the news – beyond Facebook and Twitter – you’ll find that these glorious utopias are feeling the pain of uncontrolled migration.

Freedom’s last stand.

So, based on nothing more than hatred and rhetoric, call everyone you hate a racist.  Never accept the truth about your political party.  Cheer child sacrifice.  Root for socialism.  Watch America collapse.  But know that there are millions of Americans who will choose freedom and will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Because America is in fact the most tolerant nation on the planet.  It is freedom’s last stand.

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