America is Ours

ThinkerWhere were you in the 60’s? I lived in Chicago from the mid-sixties until 1971. In September 1971, I enlisted into the United States Army. For the benefit of those who might not have lived through that period of our nation’s history, besides getting a haircut, volunteering to serve in the Armed Forces was about the worst decision a young man could make. Or so the popular culture dictated. The heroes of that era made public displays of burning flags, their draft cards and running off to Canada rather than fulfilling their obligations to serve in the military. President Carter later gave them amnesty and welcomed them home with discharges upgraded to honorable for the deserters. Ask John Kerry about the Carter upgraded amnesty discharges. Sadly, however, no one welcomed home the generation of Americans that fought in Vietnam.

The hippies and posers would gather to smoke pot and bad mouth “the man” and his establishment; refer to the police as pigs and to Soldiers as baby killers. My brother was a Soldier in Vietnam. He was no baby killer nor was his many combat brothers in spite of what Genghis John Kerry and his fraudulent band of miscreant hippies might have you believe. I preferred the company of the bleacher bums at Wrigley Field much more than I did the pot haze covered crowds you could find at places like Chicago’s Kinetic Playground. The Kinetic Playground, also once known as the Electric Theater, was located on North Clark Street in the 60’s. It was not the Chicago club that has that name now. I went to an Everly Brothers concert there. That tells you where I fit in. The hippies were more in tune with the drug inspired and ear splitting psychedelic music of the day. Wrigley Field was closer to my view of America. At least things made sense there.

I was 16 years old in 1968. I watched the riots at the Democratic convention on television from a north side apartment. The riots were incited by the Youth International Party, Yippies for short. They were one of the groups involved that grew out of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) who were also active in the riots. Members of the Black Panthers and a group called the National Organization to End the Vietnam War were involved too. If you are not familiar with this time and events, do yourself a favor and type Democratic Convention 1968 or Chicago 8 into your favorite Internet search engine. Another offshoot of SDS that you must have heard of by now is the Weather Underground and its most famous and unrepentant Pentagon bomber and Presidential associate, Bill Ayers. Add to this collection of malcontents the lies of a Kennedy sponsored John Kerry and his phony soldiers, the escapades of Jane Fonda including her well photographed visits to North Vietnam and her radio broadcast from Hanoi while Americans were fighting and dying there and you have the complete picture of who these people are. Fonda summed up well their views when she told students at the University of Michigan in 1970, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become Communist.” Then as now, a balanced look from a media comprised of people cut from the same cloth was not likely.

The President is not of this generation, but if you look at who surround him now and have shaped his thinking, it is these people. They are all anti-military people. They are all anti-American in that they oppose free-market capitalism and our constitutional representative republic form of government. Just consider the planned defense cuts, our service members who are facing court martial for “roughing up” a murderer of Americans, the all out assault on the free market and the near total disregard for our constitution.

When I think of these people it is no wonder that I chuckle, although vomit might be a more appropriate response, when I hear a media knucklehead define vocal disagreement with them and this administration as sedition. I hope he knows what he can do with his epiphany he claims to have captured on a napkin.

These people were stopped in the 60’s by people who worked in the factories, served in the Armed Forces and occasionally went to Wrigley Field – people who loved the country. Counter protesters carrying American flags, wearing construction worker helmets and signs declaring America, love it or leave it were not uncommon. They were the Tea Party of the day, although much, much smaller in number.

The difference is that these 1960’s Reds are now running our country. They have temporary custody of the keys to the capital. They occupy every facet of our government and they are going to make the most of it while they are there. Our country will survive them, but only if we peacefully but strongly resist every action and every step taken that moves us even one inch away from our God given freedoms.

Every day they must get the message from us that we love our country as it was founded and if it is socialism or communism they seek try Havana. America is ours. You are welcome to love it. You are free to leave it. You are not allowed to change it.

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One Reply to “America is Ours”

  1. KdluWard

    Amen! Our country has already changed almost beyond my recognition and just when I think it’s as bad as it can get, it gets worse. Thank God, I do see signs that people are FINALLY paying attention and trying to find some truth in all the BS that’s flung our way daily. I’m a little encouraged.

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