American Birthright

I am an American. Freedom is my birthright. In what was once the world’s most free nation, it is a sad testament that such a declaration is necessary. But, necessary it is.

America has evolved. We have journeyed from an honorable, live your life, speak your mind, worship as you choose, free American existence through suicidal political correctness and directly into the tyranny of identity-Nazis.

I will not be forced into silence while freedom slips away. If you are a member of America’s conglomeration of identity-Nazis who believe anyone who thinks differently from you must be destroyed, please take notice. In the same way you are acting, the historical Nazis began their reign of terror. This is a battle for my birthright. I am an American. I will win this fight. You have had your say, shown your true colors too often. Sadly, it is your cause, whatever it might be, that loses. It is the leadership you follow that has lost it for you.

There is plenty I believe and think that I will probably never speak or write publicly, but I will only write or speak what I do believe. That is my choice. It is my freedom. Bought and paid for first from the Cross and protected throughout our history by many, many thousands of honorable men and women. Whether you are a self-perceived embattled victim, a big government progressive-communist, a member of the black robed rulers who sit on the Supreme Court of the land, or just some guy in his basement with a computer and an IRS provided list, you do not get to decide for me what those things are.

There are no exclusive words, proper or slang, in the English language. Words you can use cheerfully and with reckless abandon that are forbidden to me? Just reading that should tell you how stupid of a thought it is. I have witnessed talking heads frothing at the mouth and defending that very stupid thought. People who earn money for the words they speak. Humorous if was not so dangerous. I will speak the words I choose to speak. No one will choose them for me. If my words are hard on your ears, it is you who needs to adjust.

If you cannot handle my answer, you should never ask me a question. I will tell you what I think without much concern that I might ruffle your feathers. If you believe my thoughts on your lifestyle should never be heard, you should never ask me the question, especially when your intent is so clear. So let us engage the battle because regardless of who you are you do not get to decide what I think. If you have help in my destruction whether from a media source or the company where I work, then they too are flying their anti-freedom colors. I will fight to my last breath against the enemies of freedom.

Because I do not endorse the life you live it does not mean that I want to stop you from living it as long as it is not criminal. Apparently, this is not the case for you identity-Nazis. My question for you is this. Who convinced you that you are more special than anyone else? Who convinced you that the rest of us should take the proverbial knee to your demands that we embrace your life choices? Understand this. None of us is more special than any of us. And, to re-emphasize an age old proclamation I would rather die standing on my feet than live life on my knees.

I bow to no man or woman on this planet. I do not bow to group think. I bow only to my God. I am an American. Freedom is by birthright!

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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