American Eulogy

I was told once during a seminar that if you want a roadmap for your life you should write the honest eulogy that you would want to hear at your funeral. Then, set out to make it the truth.

A seminar is a short time of enlightenment where one is told how he can do it better, whatever it might be – even living life. What one actually receives from these wisdom sharing enterprises is how to slickly package and sell blinding flashes of the obvious or promises sprinkled with fairy dust of great things to come – if he accepts the shared truth – or the alternative of deep regret if he makes the bad choice. Sort of like a political campaign.

Our founders wrote the American eulogy. Then set the foundation to make it come true. It is in our founding documents and Constitution. All we have to do is follow the guiding principles set out in those documents.

The American eulogy our founders wrote is that of a great land where men of diverse heritages came together as one and stood against an oppressive government as the guardians of God given freedom including the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The nation became the freest, most prosperous, and most powerful in world history. Through its power and influence, it kept a potentially warring world at relative peace. It provided more in aid, freedom, security, technology, scientific advancement, and medical advancement shared with other nations of the world than any before it – or since.

Or since? Unfortunately, eulogies are not written for the living.

No, the new American eulogy has some added lines. This once great nation was overcome by multiculturalism and moral relativism. People did not identify themselves as simply Americans striving to be one and make true the eulogy written by our founders. Their groups became the most important. Allegiance was no longer to an American ideal, but to some manufactured ideal catering to a hyphenated identity. Multiple- Americas were vying for attention and special consideration for one group over another. With a national motto of In God We Trust, America became largely Godless.

Then came the one who offered Americans some profound wisdom. He insisted that there is no hyphenated America. No political divides. Just one America. A red, white and blue America. All Americans needed to do was place hope in him and change would come. He would provide. He could re-unite the nation and restore the lost American dream. Only he could do that. The alternative was despair, emptiness, darkness…. The nation’s major media sold his message to the masses as he sent tingles up their legs rather that shivers down their spines.

Americans voted and for whatever their reasons they made him leader of the free world. He embarked on a world tour offering apologies for the history of the oppressive country for which he now led. Our nation’s enemies drew strength from his position of weakness. The world became more dangerous for all nations. He weakened the country’s military and hamstrung those engaged in combat with rules of engagement that saw more Soldiers killed during his short reign than during the years of his predecessor.

Through his actions and policies, it became clear that he was a communist utopian. He initiated class warfare – the communist tactic of having the working classes believe that they are owed by the wealthy and that he intended to redistribute the wealth to those who created it – the working classes. In his utopia, everyone would be cared for. There would be equality for all.

Just as the Americans allied themselves with the Communist Soviets to destroy their common enemies, the Fascists and Nazis, the new American Communists allied themselves with the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood against the common enemy – American freedom and free enterprise. Before a communist utopia can come about, the country must be fundamentally transformed – its basic form of government and its free enterprise market system completely destroyed. That was phase one of establishment of the communist utopia.

In phase 2 of establishing utopia many people died or were imprisoned, the Americans had one chance to re-write the American Eulogy on Election Day….


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