American Journal – 3

In 1971, enlisting into the military was not popular. Hiding from service was. To avoid the draft, the well-connected finagled their way into reserve and National Guard units. Later they became politicians and college professors. Some joined the ROTC long enough to avoid the draft and then proclaimed in their own words that they “loathed the military.” One particular self-proclaimed loather, the one who did not inhale and dishonored our country with deceit and disgraced our land’s highest office with his infidelity became our President. He and his wife in name only continue to aid in the destruction of our national fabric by courting dangerous enemies, within and external, for personal gain. The enlightened hippies? They moved to Canada to await Jimmy Carter’s amnesty for draft dodgers. Afterwards they too became politicians and college professors. With an upgraded deserter’s discharge another of them almost became our President. He, a Navy Reservist, lost to a famous former member of the Air National Guard. He who called Vietnam veterans murderers and accused American Soldiers in Iraq of terrorizing women and children in what might become the final insult to our serving Men and Women, may become our new Secretary of Defense.

What a grand generation of leaders they became. America haters many of them and all running at a sprinter’s pace away from our founding principles and our Constitution. What a grand generation of followers they educated and indoctrinated to demand handouts and to whom voting is nothing more than cheating on a college examination. We are losing the war for America’s soul. We are losing it to soulless communists adored and followed by mindless useful idiots more steeped in popular culture than in America.

By the time I finished Army basic training and school, Vietnam was in drawdown. Fate found me beginning my Army career in South Korea. I spent the next 28 years as a cold warrior, facing down communists across the globe. No glory for me. My unit never deployed to the first Gulf War. By the time Islam visited terror on us in 2001 I was already retired from the Army with my piece of the Berlin Wall secured in its own case and in my memory. My military time was a cake walk compared to what our Men and Women have endured in recent years and endures today.

From Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, the acts of America’s political class have killed more American Soldiers than has our Nation’s enemies. It continues and it is on track to get even worse. Pray for the protection of those wearing uniforms in service to our country. Keep close watch on the purge of General Officers that is underway. History shows that this is how communist regimes solidify their hold on nations.

My wife and I never knew a home that we owned. Gallivanting around the world with a move every couple of years we found ourselves always living in undersized military family housing or tiny apartments with boxes that never got wholly unpacked. We raised a son. He grew into a responsible man. He and his wife, both Army Veterans, blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters. Life never gave them any participation trophies either. You see, families serve their country. Not just the Moms and Dads.

For 28 years my family and I stood together in service to our country. We believed it was to guard and preserve America’s most precious promise – freedom. Many, many families sacrificed much more than we did and they are still sacrificing today. They paid the price for the freedom that the new and future government enslaved takes for granted and now many have forever forfeited by criminally abusing the most basic citizen’s duty and privilege – the vote.

Nothing is free, especially not your freedom. Maybe when it is given to you with no sacrifice on your part, it does not mean as much. Experience teaches that one has little respect for that which is given and not earned. Like Nobel Peace prizes. Freedom is not a participation trophy. It must be earned and protected. The American idea is the last guardian of freedom on this planet. After America, the world goes dark and compassionless. – (Continued)


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