American Journal – 4

What price must you pay for freedom? All Soldiers will ever ask of you is to embrace the American idea and be responsible contributing citizens. On their behalf, engage and challenge politicians because they cannot. This part of the battle for freedom belongs to you and me. Look out for their families while they look out for mine and yours. Is that too hard? Politicians can promise you free things, but they cannot promise you freedom and they have proven that they will sacrifice nothing of themselves for it. Freedom does not originate with politicians. Freedom is God-given not man-given and it is the Spirit of America. Unlike cold-hearted and spineless politicians, American Soldiers will not leave you behind.

Fate brought my wife and me to retirement in West Virginia. Although it is my native state, this is the last place I expected we would end up. I rather thought I would spend my after Army years grubbing away among the Beltway Bandits around Washington. Thankfully, the good Lord had different plans.

We worked, saved, scrimped and did without the niceties of life until we paid for the little house we bought. Mortgage free, we were living the dream. We shredded the credit cards and took charge of our lives seeking guidance but from One source. We realized that our life situation comes from the choices we make. We did what we thought we were supposed to do. We never looked to anyone, most especially the government to bail us out of anything or to manage our lives. We were starting to plan our next retirement, but now we are not so sure when that may be or if one may be able to retire in a fundamentally transformed America.

Other people had a different vision and different plans than we did for the country we spent our lives serving. These people know what communism is. Of course they prefer being called liberals or progressives, but they are communists. The do not know communism because they personally witnessed its destructive force, faced it across frontier borders, confronted its minions on battlefields, or learned about it in classrooms. They know about it because they live it, believe in it with the essence of their Godless souls and practice it every day. They came into power because we have a nation filled with a new majority of participation trophy recipients who took freedom and this great country for granted. Either they believed the utopianism or, like the hippies I knew in my youth, are simply to ignorant to know the life destroying force that communism is. I was fortunate to grow up in a time when most Americans still knew the horrors of communism.

Utopia sounds wonderful in America’s public education indoctrination centers – the factories that produced for us generations of ignorance. People who actually believe that there is free stuff – including freedom itself. Dear leader provides and no one has to pay for it. Communism can only breed amongst the ignorant.

There is not much point in continuing my American journal for fear of boring you into unconsciousness. I received some nice email with these posts. I have a good feeling that there are millions of American Journal stories waiting to be revisited and shared with others and with the generations we apparently lost. They must know or learn that America is the most tolerant nation God has ever blessed, it is the most prosperous and it once was the most free.

All those who insist that I must compromise with what others believe in order to move our country forward do not understand America. They do not understand freedom and the most certainly do not understand individual liberty. America was not born of compromise; it was born from a refusal to compromise with over reaching tyrannical government.

We must never become a nation of people willing to compromise away our freedom, our beliefs or our Christian values. If you stand with communism, you stand in opposition to the America I know and love and served. I will not stand with you. Most assuredly, I will not follow your leadership. I will never compromise.

God blessed America. Live free or die.


2 Replies to “American Journal – 4”

  1. Irishhawk77

    JD – I feel your pain, but to discontinue your Journal would be another voice of sanity and reason lost to the cause of Freedom. May the Lord bless you and yours for your dedication to God and Country.

    Thanks. I am not stopping the blog, just this series of posts.

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