American Journal – 5

On Thanksgiving Day, we were unable to count our many blessings. Even with a direction change for life in America, our blessings are still more plentiful here than any other place we might consider. I am certainly more blessed than I deserve. As a nation we are certainly more blessed than we deserve.

We appear less thankful than ever – more concerned about a black Friday flat screen than the future of our country. Individual liberty is still ours, indelibly written on our hearts by our Creator. We must act like it and be willing to fight for it. For those of you just waiting for handouts, or who stand more ready to duke it out with your neighbor at the mall over a pair of sneakers than to fight for your freedom, you have already forfeited your liberty. Life is not fueled by snazzy things that break or wear out. Life is fueled by faith- faith in the promise of God and faith in the promise of the American idea. Material things go away and you get new ones. When you give up on faith or you think that liberty is just a word, you have forfeited it all. Without God, without the freedom he gave us, and without the American idea, there will be no one making the things you crave. You once professed to hate the man, now the man owns you right down to your imprisoned soul. As our astute Vice President noted – the man wants to “put ya’ll back in chains.” Our Vice President, like most liberal-progressive-communists likes to project his intent on to others. The communists you put in charge are “the man” who put you back in literal chains. How does it feel? Do not let your heart be troubled. It is going to get much worse for you.

I know why the communists won this skirmish in the battle to preserve freedom. You do not need the Roveshivicks to explain it for you. Having a moderate approach to defeating radical communists is akin to appeasing the Islamists or in other history, the Nazis (National Socialists). Or more relevant to today, trying to talk your way out of rather than blast your way out of a teenaged mob playing the knock-out game. Appeasement never works. Moderate, establishment good ole country club boys will never win a street fight. The Code Duello does not apply in modern throat cutting street thug Chicago politics. Yet, the country club gang believes it does and that is the strategy they take. Each time they trot out one of their boys, he gets shot in the face while trying to appeal to every identity group under the sun rather than attacking the central theme of communism for what it is and defending the American idea. Even when it is common knowledge that the opposition lies, cheats, steals, and even commits rampant voter fraud to win they do not even prepare to battle that.

It is water under the bridge as they say. Except in this case the communists set charges under the bridge and will blow it behind them separating their useful idiots from their freedom. My freedom is mine. It is a true blessing, given to me by God. It cannot be taken from me. It can, however, be neglected, taken for granted or forfeited. The bridge to freedom on which I stand cannot be destroyed by men. I think I will hang on to mine for a while. How about you?

It has been about fifteen minutes it seems. We still have Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge and Marco Rubio is off to Iowa and the establishment is tossing Jeb Bush out there. The faithful are wondering whether Sarah Palin will make a run or flirt irrelevancy. Our political system has turned into an endless campaign. It is enough to curdle the cool whip on my pumpkin pie. Karl Rove and Dick Morris are no doubt doing grander strategizing. In recent history they have done so well for us. How can Americans not be tired of this?

We have become so obsessed with politics that we believe that if the right party is in charge they will solve all of our problems. We think this while knowing that politics and politicians create problems rather than solving them. Still we focus on supporting Rs or Ds rather than demanding solutions. We listen to the self-ordained political prophets rather than thinking for ourselves. We too often follow them as blindly as do the idiots who follow the communists. And what does it get us? As Tennessee Ernie Ford sang, “[And] what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul…”


One Reply to “American Journal – 5”

  1. Joe

    Thanks J D. I have the years to say America was such a great Country. Now America asks for more from her, even to her life. We just sat back on our porch and watched it happen. It will prove to be a devastating decision.
    I believe God gave man the ability to restrain himself. He can actually choose to restrain himself. When he chose as Americans to abort God given human life as a matter of convenience he chose to turn from Gods grace. America was doomed and is doomed. Americans continue to eat the poison of “keptness” even when it is obvious that it is poison. He begs for more. I am not a child, I have seen my Country choose to change to this Hell we are in today. Afraid bunkers won’t help. The ‘leadership’ of this country rush us down this road and we cheer them on. Too many gov’t ‘educated’ idiots to stop or even recognize the course we are surely on. God forgive us. God forgive me.

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