American Journal April 21 2013 Growing Weary

I am growing weary of flags flown at half-staff. Weary of politicians offering nothing but their “heartfelt” thoughts and prayers as payment for the incompetence and suicidal ideations that led us to the faux solidarity symbolized by lowering our national flag as if in a subservient bow. Then in the next breath, use those to whom we are supposedly showing respect as pawns to further the destructive agenda that brought us here. To a place where the symbol of our free nation spends too much time in a pretense of mourning rather than flying tall and forward toward the danger.

What brought us to this place? A place where citizens are told to shutter their doors and do not peek out unless a police officer knocks on your door. Citizens whom many want to disarm. The utopian road paved with moral relativism, world citizenry, hyphenated-Americanism, socialism, and multiculturalism and all neatly bundled with political correctness. Reads like a formula. It is the formula that brings death to great nations.

Who brought us to this place? Government meddling that turned our educational institutions into indoctrination centers that is now been given a steroidal injection with Common Core. Education steeped in ideology rather than reading, writing, arithmetic and an honest depiction of US history. Organizations actively fighting to completely remove God from our lives. Politicians who long ago forgot their charge replacing protect and defend the Constitution of the United States with protect and defend the party. A media cabal that is merely propaganda for the progressive-communist ideology, sharing with the public only that which enforces the ideology and never a thought or story that is counter to it. An American citizenry that has grown more willing each passing year to accept that government knows best and therefore should provide for their needs.

We are in a different place than the America most of us knew even a decade ago. I find myself conducting active surveillance of any crowd I find myself in – at the mall, in a restaurant, at the movie theatre and even in Church. In a dangerous world, I am expected to be an unarmed victim to the “lone wolves” so politicians can lay platitudes at my grave site and then lower the flag to half staff. Curious? How many lone wolves does it take before it is called a pack? How many of these must we endure?

Like others who have been labeled lone wolves, the Boston bombers regardless of when they came to America were raised inside a culture to abhor western culture, “the great Satan.” Their inculcation did not end just because they lived in America. Recent ones, who have failed in their attempts, did so out of incompetence rather than being caught or preempted. Anyone who believes this duo is the last is still walking down that utopian road of inclusiveness.

It is interesting to note the Muslim Brotherhood influence in our government. From the Whitehouse to the State Department where Madam Secretary’s right hand gal had family ties to the brotherhood, to Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. It should come and no surprise that Islamist is a forbidden word in our government. We are at war with an ideology. We cannot kill an ideology, but we better do something to protect ourselves from it rather than killing our citizens with political correctness.

Recently, an Army Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) named Jack Rich sent an email out to his subordinates. LTC Rich mentioned domestic hate groups, like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association Christian ministries that he declared do not share “our Army Values.”

“Just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.”

As a Christian, I feel good being lumped in with Nazis, Skin heads and the KKK. That such would even come from the mind of an Army LTC, one who can directly influence an entire battalion of Soldiers is breath taking. LTC Rich I do not know of the values you write about, but it is rather clear that you, undoubtedly influenced by the leadership climate above you, do not see a place in the Army for Christians.

We can vilify Christians in this nation with no blow back. We will be labeled haters for calling out Islam for the murdering acts of its followers on a world-wide basis. I am curious whether LTC Rich provided his subordinates with all of the bombings, beheadings and murders committed by these domestic Christian hate groups. No, he labeled people who only exercise their religious freedom and hold to their beliefs as “haters.” What does that make him?

Rather than hiding it under a vale of political correctness, it is time to call the threat what it is. Our flag should not be at half-staff. It should be flying battle forward and we should be pointing out radical Islam wherever it is found inside the borders of our country. Maybe we should use at least half as much energy as we do demeaning Christians. Otherwise, Boston is just a beginning.

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2 Replies to “American Journal April 21 2013 Growing Weary”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    My ‘faith’ in Boston was almost shattered – their mayor wants the US government to prosecute the 19 year old because of the death penalty (outlawed, of course, in MA because it is cruel & unusual punishment). But then my ‘faith’ was restored yesterday as I read the lawyers are circling, looking to find blame for the Boston bombings.

    Instead of ‘the shot heard round the world’, it is now the sound of cash registers ringing…

    The lawyers always win America always loses.

  2. Joe

    Gotta stop with the soft bs. Americans that take their direction from this apologist idiot even now………they are the tragedy. “Bringing them to justice” is like other ‘pretty’ little expressions..”crossing the aisle”…”kicking the can”…how sweet.

    I want these dregs ksm, hassan/Ft Hood, blind boy shiek..these guys we have..hung. Soon. Reckoning.

    I don’t feel too sweet today.

    Bob, I think most of America feels the same.

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