American Journal August 11 2013 The Real One Percenters

On Saturday morning, I heard them. My bride and I were having breakfast in a yuppie sort of place. They serve spinach soufflés and tiny little sandwiches. Not any pickup trucks in the parking lot. The clientele would never be found near gravy and biscuits. Two gentlemen a couple of tables away were talking politics. One was angling. Apparently planning a run for political office. They were discussing how he needed to sell himself to the voting public. They were stringing together sounds bites at a furious pace. “I’m a business owner. I know how to manage a budget. I make tough decisions every day. You need someone who can make tough decisions.” I kept waiting for the 3 AM phone call. Then talk moved to the great progressive (we used to call them communists) achievements of Medicare and Social Security, which have become nothing more than political bludgeons to scare old people. No global warming I wondered?

I was thinking I should turn around and say, “Hey dummie! You want to sell yourself to real people or to the establishment? Try sipping your Saturday morning coffee at McDonalds. Sit in the corner with that group of elderly men who gather there most every morning. They talk about you and what is really wrong with this once great country. You will likely learn something useful. You may learn what in American is truly broken. Here’s a hint. It is none of those things you are talking about. ”

I slid my ball cap back on my head just a little and rubbed my forehead. Not many ball caps in soufflé land. I had my concealed carry too. Never know when you might encounter Bill Ayers or some other domestic terrorist in a place like this. I stared at my cute little breakfast sandwich and sipped my designer coffee. The sandwich looked so dainty I was afraid if I touched it I might hurt it. My wife gave me the look. The one that means shut up. Interesting how two people can communicate after being together more than 40 years. I answered her look with another of wide eyes and palms facing skyward that asked, “What?” Longing for over easy eggs with biscuits and gravy, I sat quietly looking at a couple sitting in easy chairs and sipping coffee near the fire place. I thought, geeze, fireplace? It’s August. I was getting one of those headaches.

I left hungry. And just a little perturbed. I was thinking, is it not any wonder that half of Americans do not even bother to vote while the other half with help from fraudsters elect platitude spewing incompetents. I thought, we really are doomed. A has been super power. Founded by brilliant thinking men. Led now by a load of self-serving nitwits and offered no better choices in a country bound too tightly by the chains of political correctness.

I am weary of the same old load of stale baloney. Are not other Americans? Where is our inspiration?

I recall seeing some video clips of the parliamentary process in some other countries where when the debates became heated, the parliamentarians resorted to fisticuffs. Would it not be grand if on the Senate floor one day, Harry Reid got punched right in the kisser? Heck, we are headed for third world status anyway. Why not adopt apropos House and Senate rules. It will never happen. Harry getting it in the schnoz I mean. Not because we are a more civil people, but because our Congress is like professional wrestling. They put on a good dupe show for the viewing public, then go out together for drinks and cigars. That is why John McCain’s only disappointment was that he lost to Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

Whenever someone appears who threatens the cigars and scotch cabal by inspiring Americans with true love for God, this country, freedom and good sense, the establishment beast aided by their corrupt media cohorts sets out to crush them. The beast usually wins when one side of the establishment offers up a sacrificial McCain or Romney. All chained up with political correctness and filled with, “I’ll make the tough decisions.”

So, with what do we end? A people led by the cigars and scotch establishment that allows into law something they have never read. People who, one year later, cannot find out why four Americans were killed in Benghazi. Are unable to hold to account anyone at the Internal Revenue Service. Are unable to hold anyone to account for Fast and Furious. People who actually accept the President excluding them from the death grip of Obamacare. The most potent weapon in the progressive (we used to call them communists) arsenal. The one that will destroy our country’s middle class and our freedom. Those in Congress who accept that exclusion are the scum of the earth. But, they will sound good while the President renders them even more impotent than they now are. And America’s death spiral continues.

Our system of government, the greatest ever devised by men, has not failed us. We have failed the system. The real one percenters will never feel the pain. That is why they do not care. God save us.

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  1. Captain America

    Fact: If it weren’t for Social Security and Medicare many of our retired boomers would be reeeeally poor. Remember: Stock brokers, lawyers, bookies, and funeral homes get paid whether their clients lose or make money. These professional thieves have raped the naive’ public with impunity.


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