American Journal August 18 2013 Millions of Rodeo Clowns

I lack Photoshop skills. I could never produce a fake birth certificate or a phony life for that matter. If I had the skill, right here in this very spot you would be viewing an image of the president’s mug emblazoned on the south end of a north bound jackass. A rambling braying jackass. Yes sir. The new image of the Democrat-Communist-Messianic cult party. The party that writes and amends laws in the Whitehouse while counting on a rigged Supreme Court to uphold them. A free republic. A wonderful thing is it not.

Some mortal had the audacity to blaspheme the new progressive god. The one. The politician that would rise above race and Washington politics. The one who would bring respect back to America. Yep. Him. A rodeo clown put on an Obama mask and people, mostly media toadies, suffering from Obama messianic complex went into total meltdown. Probably shocked the tingle right out of Chris Matthews’ legs.

Do you remember when some Dutch cartoonists drew pictures of Mohammed with a bomb in his hat and followers of the religion of piece rioted across the Middle East? People died. As far as I know the cartoonists are still living under death fatwas. Our nation’s supposed standard bearers for freedom of speech and expression, America’s cowardly lapdog media, did not stand up to defend their ink stained brethren. No, they assumed fetal positions under their desks and commenced thumb sucking. Many even feigned outrage. Some expressed shame for this derision of the great religion of peace. The rest of us puked.

But, when a rodeo clown puts on the presidential mask to do what rodeo clowns do, make fun with a bull, the lapdogs are beside themselves. The apostate clown blasphemed their god. How dare him. Who does he think he is? A free American? I expect they are on their collective knees before his image as I write this. Begging for redemption. If they were not such characterless cowards, people who possess only keyboard and microphone courage, I am convinced they would have laid waste to rodeos and rodeo clowns across the fruited plain. Manufacturers of presidential masks would be cowering in fear. Many Americans would be cowered into silence. Afraid to criticize or make fun of the one. Is that the desired result?

North Korea’s potbellied dictator must certainly be envious. In his country, he is god too. A country devoid humor. No political satire there that is for certain. No funning dear leader. Such atrocious acts there, get you either shot in the head or sentenced to life in a political concentration camp. If you are lucky, you are left alive to scrounge for scraps to feed your family. While the Kim clan and elite members of the party live lavish lifestyles akin to Martha’s Vineyard vacations with private flights for the dog.

George Bush was frequently portrayed as a chimp. Condoleezza Rice was portrayed in cartoons as an Aunt Jemima character. And by the same people who now pretend to have their knickers in a wad over the antics of a rodeo clown. When Jesus was submerged in a jar of urine, they said well that is just art. They said the same when a movie, with international critical acclaim, was made about assassinating George Bush. When Mrs. Clinton and the president chose a You Tube video to cover their tracks in Benghazi they collectively called it crude, despicable, and disrespectful to a great religion. As Islamists murder Christians and burn their churches across the Middle East nary a peep from these defenders of great religions. And no expression of outrage.

There is a Muslim march planned for Washington on September 11. A million Muslim march they are calling it. What we need is a Hundred Million Rodeo Clown March. It is time that our would be rulers in Washington, and their bootlickers, understand that they are there at the will of the people. There to serve. Not to be worshipped. They may have high opinions of themselves, but deities they sure as hell are not. We are a free people. We worship the one true God. We are a Christian nation and it is time that the Democrat-Communist-Messianic cult party understands that. Clearly.


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  1. Rob of Arabia

    Don’t forget to invite Farrakhan as well. Imagine the consequences of Muslims meeting Clowns led by Farrakhan. Harry Reid may confuse it with another Democratic National Convention…

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