American Journal August 25 2013 Post-Christian America

My dearest America. The land that I love. My heart aches for you.

It is time for you to come back home. To the roots of your founding and purpose. The moral compass that directed you toward your founding, prominence and prosperity is broken. Hopelessly broken. Leaving you without direction except what is brought by moral relativism. Your founders warned you that your government would only work for a moral people. Theirs was not a suggestion, it was a stern warning. Are you drifting aimlessly? No. You are not drifting. You have been led. And are too dutifully following. You have given up your children. Your future. An entire generation. Robbed them of any sense of morality. Handed them over to evil. You were too busy living the dream to give them a solid foundation. Too busy making demands to worry about securing the future. Too busy blaming one and another for your lot in life. Knowing nothing better, your young have embraced what you gave them. If ancient Rome were around today, she could tell you the future. And it is not good.

You have become I place I do not know. It is a place where healthy young men can murder for the thrill of it. Because they are bored? No. It is because of what you have given them. No moral underpinning. Young men who could not find a summer job even if they were inclined to work. Half-raised in poverty. In fatherless homes with no positive role models. They learn social skills from the gang culture, drug culture, and rap. All of it reinforced in the Internet cesspools whose social sites have become their community. A community where they brag about playing the knockout came. You have stolen their souls. That makes you a tool of evil rather than the shining light you set out to be.

You have become a place where two healthy, strong young men could easily subdue an 88 year old man called Shorty and relieve him of his valuables. And man who fought a war to secure their freedom, but they were too ignorant to know that. Instead of just relieving Shorty of his valuables, they beat him to death. Must have been a tough fight for these two brave young men. America, is this the manhood that makes you proud?

You have become a place where if Shorty had shot these two murderous thugs, he would have had to endure mortal hell. Pictures of the thugs as smiling innocent children would be plastered all over the media. Members of Congress would call Shorty a murderer and question why he stalked these precious unarmed children and shot them down in cold blood. People who like to refer to themselves as Reverend and as civil rights leaders would demand justice for Shorty’s heinous act. There would be protests. The Justice Department would investigate. Parents, before practically non-existent in their children’s lives, would trademark their names and become wealthy.

You are filled with good people, but as a nation you have turned away from God. Turned away from the moral code on which you were founded. You were once great because you were once good. Your President declared that you are a Post Christian America. Now you know what that looks like. A place that embraces sexual immorality, a place where life has such little value that it is taken to break the boredom of a summer day, or meaninglessly for what amounts to pocket change, or in the sterilized clinical setting of an abortion clinic.

C. S. Lewis writing in Christian Reflections “On Ethics” said:

“The man without a moral code, like the animal, is free from moral problems. The man who has not learned to count is free from mathematical problems. A man asleep is free from all problems. …those who urge us to adopt new moralities are only offering us the mutilated or expurgated text of a book which we already possess in the original manuscript. They all wish us to depend on them instead of on that original, and then to deprive us of our full humanity. Their activity is in the long run always directed against our freedom.”

He also wrote much about Post-Christian Europe and Post-Christian Man. When he wrote this in Letters: C. S. Lewis / Don Giovanni Calabria, he must have been looking through a portal at America today:

“What you say about the present state of mankind is true: indeed, it is even worse than you say.

For they neglect not only the law of Christ but even the Law of Nature as known by the Pagans. For now they do not blush at adultery, treachery, perjury, theft and the other crimes which I will not say Christian Doctors, but the pagans and the barbarous have themselves denounced.

They err who say “the world is turning pagan again.” Would that it were! The truth is that we are falling into a much worse state.

“Post-Christian man” is not the same as “pre-Christian man.” He is as far removed as virgin is from widow: there is nothing in common except the want of a spouse: but there is a great difference between as spouse-to-come and a spouse lost.”

God will judge those misguided teenagers. I believe He will reserve harsher judgment for those who led them to where they are and for the American nation that allowed it to happen.

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  1. Rob of Arabia

    God will judge them but I’m all for expediting this meeting. And bringing Jackson & Sharpton to the same meeting is highly recommended as well.

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