American Journal August 4 2013 The Goose or the Golden Egg

Evan Jenkins is a West Virginia state senator. Until recently he was a Democrat. A member of the perpetual political majority in our state. Now he has declared himself a Republican proclaiming that he wants nothing more to do with Obama’s Democrat party. He is running for Congress against Democrat Nick Joe Rahall to represent West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional district. I am curious whether this is an act of political courage or if he is just another angling politician. Following the Mayor Bloomberg political road map, Mr. Jenkins was a Republican before he became a Democrat before he became a Republican. My cynicism shows through, I know, but it is born of a growing distrust of politicians. In my experience, a generally untrustworthy lot.

With politicians, I always wonder if their focus is the golden egg or the goose and if most of them even know the difference. That is especially important if you are in the gaggle affectionately referred to by would be political saviors as middle class America. Without support of the gaggle and minus the fraudsters, no politician goes to congress-or anywhere else except for maybe prison.

Mr. Jenkins declared on his website that a vote for Nick Joe is just another vote to have Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House. That may play well here nearby the state capitol. Not so much in the coal field communities. My thought about Pelosi is that if you are a man and you are feeling down about your lot in life, always keep in mind that somewhere out there is a man who is actually married to Nancy Pelosi.

But, that aside, Wild and Wonderful’s 3rd Congressional district is coal country. It is also Yellow-dog Democrat country, which probably explains Mr. Jenkins’ first political party swap. Down where the valleys are narrow and the hills are steep, many people who will vote on Election Day would ask, “Nancy who?” Not only that, they might vote for her as they would a yellow dog if it was on the Democrat side of the local ticket. Because my Grandpa did and my Daddy did so I will too.

I do not mean to disparage these good people. They are after all my home folk. God and country loving Americans living now where I was born and raised. They work hard and often times just to get by. They are more in tune with life’s challenges than politics and live in a place where politics is taking a toll on the production of golden eggs. Because politics is working hard to thin their gaggle of productive geese.

Mr. Jenkins, you will have to teach these geese that progressives (the people we called communists before political correctness) want them to believe that government is the source of golden eggs. Washington is infested with such people and thinking. It comes from life-long politicians like Mr. Rahall who redistribute for favor the golden eggs produced by people like our coal miners.

My Father was a life-long coal miner and a life-long Democrat. There is something one must understand though. West Virginia Democrats in ages past were more conservative than is today’s establishment Republicanism. By far. They still are in those coal mining communities. So, if Mr. Jenkins’ angle is that people should vote for him because he is not a Democrat, he might as we say in these West Virginia hills, have a tough row to hoe. His strategy, it appears, is to run against the national Democrat party, “Obama’s party”, rather than define, run against and whip local Nick Joe. In the hills that is a loser.

Golden eggs are indeed the prize. All of us fallible humans like a golden egg or two now and again or a dozen if we are really aggressive in the pursuit of them. What some people and most politicians too often lose sight of is that while the golden eggs are important, they are not as important to the grand scheme as is care and maintenance of the geese.

The geese in Southern West Virginia are coal miners. They produce the golden eggs. They produce them for many sectors of our state economy and across this land for consumers of electricity.

My state has been controlled by Democrats for as long as I can recall. They believe golden eggs come from Washington too. Bobby Byrd delivered them for years. Along with lots of crispy bacon. But, there are also political golden eggs. Power and party.

Congressman Nick Rahall and then Governor now Senator Joe Manchin supported the progressive (we used to call communist) administration that controls this land and that has unleashed all-out war on coal miners. No, not a war on coal, but a war on coal miners. Coal is a thing. It is turned into a beneficial product by coal miners – real people. I have heard Rahall on radio interviews defending the energy policies of this administration. Now he and Senator Joe and our statehouse are groveling before the EPA and others they helped put in place while miners and their families and ultimately the entire state suffer. They refused to see the danger of their ways because they were too focused on their political golden eggs. A spot in Washington with the party in charge. So focused they were that they abandoned the geese that put them where they are.

So, Mr. Jenkins. If you want to whip Nick Joe, you are going to have to take it to his house. You are going to have to get down into those coal mining communities that are dying a slow and agonizing death and tell them that Nick Joe and Joe Manchin and others who supported the administration that declared war on them are the cause of their predicament. No one down there gives a whit about Nancy Pelosi, except maybe Nick Joe. They want their jobs, they want to pay their mortgages, send their kids to college…. just a golden egg or two.

This is not just about West Virginia and coal miners. It is about the future of our country and freedom. This is a picture that is being replicated all across our land. It is the fundamental transformation promised by the progressives (we used to call communists). Politics caused it, politics cannot fix it. Only the geese can fix it.


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  1. Rob of Arabia

    “My thought about Pelosi is that if you are a man and you are feeling down about your lot in life, always keep in mind that somewhere out there is a man who is actually married to Nancy Pelosi.”

    JD – I was having a bad day here in the desert until I read this. Thanks for the best laugh of the day! This will soon be printed and hung on my wall with all credit given to you.

    A nightmarish thought

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