American Journal December 29 2013 What will be your legacy?

In the span of human history, the life of an individual is less than an eye blink. During that time, as small as it is, a person can have a tremendous impact. History will remember you as good or evil or not at all. One must wonder about his or her legacy. Will I be remembered beyond my generation? Or not at all. And if remembered, will it be for doing good or evil?

The American political system is in shambles. Not because it is a bad system, but because it is filled from top to bottom with corrupt people. Our founders provided us a template then told us it would only work for a moral and law abiding people. Americans filled our government, not with representative constitutionalists, but with the Scotch and cigars crowd of Communists, progressives, socialists, radical liberals, and big government establishment politicians. The politicians cannot save our country because to do so would necessitate dismantling years of their political shenanigans that have brought us to the eve of destruction.

Americans? We can save our country or we can stand by and watch it disintegrate. In my 6th decade of life on this planet, I want my Granddaughters to inherit what I did. Freedom and the greatest country that God ever blessed. When the time comes, and it will sooner rather than later, that Americans fill the streets of our nation’s capitol city and demand the tyrants leave. I will be there.

What will be your legacy?

Largely, I have lost interest in the news of the day. No matter its source, it has become a wholly ideological and political spectacle. News is reported in the legacy media only when it leans toward preconceived notions about how things are or should be. The news media, and trying to decide what is actually news and what is commentary is challenging, no longer reports stories. Instead, it sets out to steer the conversation and tone. Be the story, embellish and sensationalize the story, but rarely report the story. Just as rarely does it provide good information to a gullible American public with precious little time to root out facts for itself. Because of the conduct of the legacy media, one of America’s most precious freedoms, that of a free press, is being forfeit.

Wherever America finds itself in the coming years, it will hold the media accountable. Or, it will give the media due credit for the proper performance as freedom’s watchdog. If the media continues along its current path of destruction – of individuals, of businesses, of political opposition, of freedom itself – the media will suffer the same consequences as the tyrants it upholds. And, if the controlling legacy media gets its way it will have lost the freedom it misused to destroy a nation. Then, it will report only as dear leader’s disciples direct – as many of them now do voluntarily.

If you are one who supposedly reports the news to Americans via a free press, what will be your legacy?

In America, we are in a cultural war. The outcome will determine the fate of our country. Period. If you are Christian and you speak about what you believe as a Christian, you are immediately labeled a bigot and the vocal intolerant set out to destroy you. Americans have been intimidated by those who believe one should make sex the center of life. Christians believe that their lives should be Christ centered and that simply does not rest well in cultural circles where good and evil have become interchangeable. Christianity is under attack across the world. Here in America its attackers have not resorted to murder and destruction of Churches – yet, but they have destroyed lives and businesses all the same. All in the name of tolerance. They are anti-Christian bigots and nothing makes them angrier than a Christian not afraid to speak his mind. That is why all Christians must stand now and say enough is enough. Pray where and when you want to pray. Call evil for what it is. Win the culture war or your legacy will be that you stood by while the light was turned out on the world’s last beacon of hope.

What will be your legacy?


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  1. Rob of Arabia

    These are trying times indeed when it comes to our country’s direction and will to overcome so many obstacles. Yet, just when I think it couldn’t get any worse, I read the story of Clara Gantt who waited 63 years to bury her husband who was killed in the Korean conflict in 1951. (,0,3026083.story?track=rss#axzz2oyoQEeZN)

    And the story of the Medal of Honor recipient and Korean Veteran Rudy Hernandez who passed away on December 21st. (,0,2537573.story#axzz2oyoQEeZN)

    Their legacies and sacrifices are a lesson for all of us Americans to learn from. While I have no faith in our current leadership in DC and beyond, it is the American people who will not abandon the ship but set her course straight once again.

    Happy New Year JD to you and your family. And please keep your legacy going with your weekly journals.

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