American Journal December 9, 2012

Today is the second Sunday of Advent. As sometimes happens, my mind wandered a little during our Pastor’s sermon. When that happens, it is usually because he makes a point that hits home and my mind dwells on it. I conclude that I may have missed some other points of the message, but maybe the one that started me thinking was the one I was supposed to hear and contemplate.

Friday night, it was rainy, cool and rather dreary for my drive home. Except for being a few degrees warmer, it was much like a December evening four years ago. That night I was seriously injured in an accident that could have taken my life. I still drive over the same bridge that was flash frozen by a freakish rain shower after being exposed to sub-freezing temperatures for more than a week. I drive by the same roadside bar at a little past five where the parking lot is typically filled with pick-up trucks. I drive the same stretch of road almost daily and the only thing changing is the seasons. Those people stopping off at the bar after work have not changed much. I have not changed much except I do try to be more contemplative and sometimes more inquisitive – and a little more cognizant of the environment when I am driving. To my knowledge, I do not have an attention deficit disorder, but spoken thoughts from others often send my mind on journeys it otherwise might not have taken. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not.

The Pastor’s sermon asked if we were prepared for Christmas. His broader question, are we prepared as Christians? Are we prepared for the inevitability that someday this ends? The Mayans and pagans believe that happens in a few days. They are preparing by hoarding and digging deeper bunkers. If the world is ending, will any of that help? There is only one preparation needed. Get your heart in the right place.

Have you ever thought about how to destroy something? Whether it is a person, a building, or a nation you must weaken what holds it together. Take out its foundation then watch it crumble. We are watching it happen to our country.

To take down a country, you must take down what is most important – what stands as the strongest barrier to those who want to see the country fundamentally transformed. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles. There is no cogent argument against that. Our founders warned us that our Constitutional Republic will only work for a moral people.

Our country has been at war with God for many years and at this time each year it renews in vigor. The only religion attacked by atheists and their judicial enablers is Christianity. They do not attack Islam, Buddhists, Druids, Wiccans, Scientology and you name it. Why? Because none of those underpin or are ingrained in American culture as is Christianity. It is the rock on which our foundation rests. It is what stands opposed to those old social things like killing unborn children and sexual immorality. Conquering America requires conquering Christianity.

Christians need to be a little bit bolder. It is as simple as wishing someone a Merry Christmas without wondering if it they may not want to hear the word. For every Christian, it is Christmas. It is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. And that was part of the Pastor’s point… I think. Do not get so wrapped up in the manmade trappings of the “holiday” or the culture of political correctness and feigned offense at hearing the word that you forget about the birth of Christ. The reason for the season.

You do not have to be an in your face type of person, but also you should not be a closet Christian. Let the atheists do what they do. They cannot remove what is written on your heart. Find a food pantry and donate. Find a good charity and donate. Help others with your contributions while at the same time depriving a mostly Godless communist dominated government of some of your tax dollars.

Then try this. On Christmas Eve, gather your family and attend a candlelight Christmas Eve service. When your candle is lit from the flame that originated with the lighting of the Christ candle, the sanctuary lights are lowered, and the congregation sings Silent Night feel and embrace the peace. Then, in your heart, you will know. And no man can take that from you. Or from our country for it is written on the heart of our national soul.

Merry Christmas.

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