American Journal February 24, 2013 Freedom for Sale

There was real excitement here on the hillside last evening. We have not had such fun since Grandpa grabbed the Ben-Gay tube instead of the Preparation H. We decided to follow Vice President Biden’s advice. The advice he says he gives his wife whenever she hears someone prowling around in the woods out back of the house. We all went out on the back porch with our shot guns. And there are plenty of shotguns here in Wild and Wonderful. We pointed in the general direction of the woods just like Ol’ Joe told us too and fired off a couple of rounds. Keep in mind that the direction of the woods can be just about 360 degrees in these parts. My neighbor Marvin, just up the hill from me, is still digging buckshot out of his vinyl siding. Yes, we have that here in West Virginia. The old lady out the road who is always peeking around the drapes has not been seen near a window for hours. May need to go check on her in a bit, but with all the gunfire it might be wise to call first. We do feel better now Mr. Vice President, especially my wife. She was there on the porch watching all of the excitement leaning on her AR-15. It is much lighter and easier for her to operate. It does not kick like the 12 Gauge.

Of course, just like Ol’ Joe’s story about telling his wife to shoot the double barrel into the woods out back, all of mine was made up malarkey too. You have to admit, it was at least as funny as would be the Secret Service agents running for cover out behind the Biden residence. But is that not typical of the progressive blowhards? Spread a lot of malarkey, get the compliant media to chime in, and then use it to push gun control. And if we ban those bad weapons, get ready here comes the false hope, the lunatics in the world will stop killing people. This plan has worked very well in Chicago. As far as our constitutionally protected and legally owned weapons, what the Spartans told the Persians. Molon Labe!

What is more shocking than the malarkey and false hope con, is the ease with which and how cheaply people want to sell their freedom. A freedom purchased for them with the blood of honorable men and women. They will sell it for a cell phone and a food stamp card. People who do this, do it from a foundation of shocking, glaring ignorance. It is a foundation that has no ties to faith, no ties to family, no ties to American history – true history, and no understanding of their own plight.

How does it happen that people are so willing to enslave themselves to a government master? And do it so cheaply. First, they are fed a load of malarkey and in many cases throughout the entirety of their lives. Someone else caused their problems. Someone else is to blame for their predicament. (Also known as Bush’s fault syndrome.) These people who caused their predicament now owe them. Then someone happens along and offers them hope. Hope that is as phony and fake as Ol’ Joe’s rules for how the women folk should defend themselves.

The false hope con always follows the malarkey. You are in the predicament that you are in because the wealthy people of this nation, excluding of course the Hollywood wealthy and the political wealthy – and the Kennedys -, stole the wealth from you. Support me and I will make them pay a fair share. I promise you free medical care, free college education, good paying jobs and I am going to level the playing field and see to it that you get what you deserve. And just to show you what I can do, take this free phone and debit card. And then, they commit voter fraud to ensure the free stuff keeps coming and the yoke of slavery slips easily around their necks. Freedom ends for them who choose to be slaves.

I saw an article a couple of days ago. It offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who could come up with the best plan for the conservatives to take control of the Republican Party and win the 2016 election. The first thought that came to my mind was, who gives a rat’s rear end about the Republican Party? How about we figure out how to take back the United States of America?

Here is the plan Mr. Viguerie. Run for something. Be out there every day running for something not against something. You ran against Obamacare and what did that get you? Do, you want to take back the party or the country? Every day we should hear from prominent conservatives, other than on talk radio, about the most exceptional nation ever known to man. We should hear about freedom, liberty, life, and abundance and with that your plan to ensure one and producing the other. You can keep your money.

If the communist progressive hold on our country cannot be broken in 2014, there will be no free American nation to worry about in 2016. America the country may be fundamentally transformed, but America the idea will always live in the hearts of free men.

You cannot take freedom. It can only be given away.

© 2013

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  1. Irishhawk77

    JD – you are exactly right. I am sending a link to your post to my Congressman and my Senator and telling them to continue to get my support they are going to have to be FOR something that draws the contrast between Freedom vs. government enslavement. Great logic as usual, thank you.

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