American Journal, February 3, 2013

A motivatin’ over the hill…

I like many old rock and roll tunes. On the way home the other night, Johnny Rivers came on singing his version of the Chuck Berry hit, Maybellene. Released in 1955, it was a song from better times in America. At least in my view it was better times. The American foundation was firm. It looked like Normal Rockwell painted it. Much has happened since then.

Do you reckon someone from 1955 would describe 2013 as the American way – and vice versa? In 1955, people with the “right stuff” were starting to fly at twice the speed of sound and were learning how to travel to the moon. Today, it seems, we are content chasing windmills while our space agency does Muslim outreach.

In 1955, it was okay to pray in school. It was not okay to kill an unborn child. We forbid prayer in 1962. That began in earnest the push to remove God, the God of Christianity anyway, from public view. In 1973, the same group of people who took prayer from schoolchildren gave women a choice. Because of the choice, more than 50 million children would never make it to school, much less pray there.

We became involved in Vietnam in the 1960s. It was not good for our country and it was not good for our Armed Forces. It became a war managed by politicians and not Soldiers on the battlefield and as is always the case it was the Soldiers who paid the price for Washington’s incompetence. The same mindset has turned the current long war into Vietnam. Dangerous rules of engagement and Washington incompetence are once again responsible for killing American Soldiers. After Vietnam, our Armed Forces were beat down, hollowed out and not well supported by the Washington ruling class. Not much different from today except now there are more dangerous people ready and capable of taking advantage of that. Soldiers will die again because of Washington stupidity and ideologically and political driven leadership. Our socially engineered military utopia may please some who will never wear the uniform of one of our Armed Forces, but will it be able to defend America – as it stands virtually alone in the world?

Soldiers swore oaths to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. When there is an all out assault on the right of Americans to keep and bear arms and when they are ordered to disarm law abiding Americans, will they consider who is actually abiding by the Constitution and who is not? And act accordingly?

We have learned through time and experience that we cannot count on the Supreme Court of the United States. They have wholly politicized themselves and routinely pulled decisions from their nether regions. I suppose when one sits at the last stop on the line, the power and ability to change our national direction and character with one decision might be too overwhelming for mortal minds – especially ideologically weakened minds.

We cannot rely on the Congress. I believe it is corrupted beyond repair. We have let it become a national ruling class – a wealth producing family industry incapable of producing anything of value for Americans. They have made themselves irrelevant, superseded by executive orders and regulations taking away our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms they are sworn to protect.

Political party affiliation is meaningless. In America, in 2013, there is Washington and then there are the rest of us. How often do you see your Congressional representative in the home district?

As we race up the hill in an old Ford with steam rolling out from under the hood all that truly matters is what you believe and the foundation of those beliefs. How did you arrive at what you hold dear? I wager if you walked down the street where you live and asked people what they believed, you would not get many comprehensible answers. Culture has succeeded in beating those long held beliefs in God, Family, Freedom, and Country out of many of us. Too many Americans do not view the world from that foundation. No, that is replaced. It is replaced with false hopes. Hopes that stem from promises. Promises that come at you from whatever direction and whatever speed the popular culture winds are blowing. The winds shift and the promises are never fulfilled. Then a foundationless people do not know what to believe.

America is “motivatin’ over the hill”… the question is can we and are we willing to slam on the breaks.


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  1. Rob of Arabia

    And just when you think it can’t get any worse for our country, I read today that the President (term used very loosely) wants to allow gays into the Boy Scouts. The moral compass of our society is spinning out of control…

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