American Journal July 20, 2013 Death and Dishonor

John Paul Jones famously declared he would lay down his life for America, but he could not trifle with his honor. A man willing to sacrifice his life defending his country was not willing to sacrifice his honor for any cause. A well-known expression from my past life was death before dishonor. Mere words?

Has honor abandoned America?

There are honorable men and women in our country. Many of them. Sadly, their voices are too often drowned out by the dishonorable who are blindly followed by the willfully ignorant. The dishonorable live by an unprincipled code. Or, they follow principles that are themselves inherently dishonorable. If unchecked, the outcomes of their actions are always tragic. Ends justify the means people leave death in their wake. Death, the blame for which they quickly project on to someone else or some imagined oppressive group. When they arrive at their utopian end state, it is only to find that there is no utopia. At least not a man constructed one. History is filled with nations lost to dishonor. Graveyards are filled with people lost to dishonor. Whether a nation or people, death and dishonor are close companions.

The unnatural death of any young man or woman is tragic. Someday, go stand before the Vietnam Memorial. While there, understand that the average age of the more than 58 thousand names engraved on that memorial wall is around 23. Of them, nearly 12 thousand were under the age of 20, several were under the legal military age of 17.

Why bring up Vietnam? Because the dishonorable practices of political activists and politicians – some of which sit at the top of government today – and an unchecked, influential and naively trusted media are responsible for many of those lives.

Politicians and media types have corrupt people as do many other avocations. While collectively, they could do much good for our country, they seem to prefer instead to rip her to pieces. Largely, they are intentionally deceitful. They skillfully craft non-existent boogey men and shift on to them blame for the problems of the land. They prefer strife. They thrive on pitting groups of Americans against one another while pleading for tolerance and applauding diversity and multiculturalism. It is the means by which they hope to achieve their end. They ally themselves with any group or any person who will help them fan the flames of divisiveness. Their greatest fear is a united country of free Americans.

I have not written about the events of the past two weeks. Sometimes it is better to observe and think. To try and understand how deeply into the sewer our country has fallen and why. Maybe irretrievably deep. What brought us to this point? What can bring us back home to the honorable and principled nation that was borne of an honorable, free and God fearing people?

Dishonorable leadership and a growingly ignorant by choice and apathetic public brought us here. Only honorable leadership and an involved and informed public will return us to previous heights.

If we do not set our nation on the right path, the future for our young people is in the streets of Chicago. No political mouthiness, finger wagging or threatened boycotts from pretend reverends is going to save them from that end. Abridging the guaranteed rights of Americans will not save them either. Young people are dying in our nations liberally led inner cities at an unprecedented rate. Those young Americans have no way out and no national leaders to lift them up. They are but tools in the grand scheme. Someone to whip into a frenzy and pointed toward the boogey men who are the cause of their predicament. When their job is finished, they will be forgotten and relegated back into their dead or dying neighborhoods while the people who spur them on will dress in fine suits, eat in fine restaurants, make fiery speeches, and demand equal justice on their behalf. These young people can get out of their predicament if they are led out. Led out by Honorable men and women focused on true freedom.

If we do not set it straight, the future of the United States of America is Detroit. A dying, broke, destitute, and dilapidated place. A place that was once one of America’s great cities.

Detroit citizens have left in droves, but from America where does one flee? There is no other place. So, it is here we must stand.

Can America find her honor? Can we?

© 2013

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