American Journal July 7 2013 An Affirmation of Independence

I became a Democrat before I became a Republican. I ran from the Democrats and Jimmy Carter toward Republicans and Ronald Reagan. Now it is from Republicans that I run. Even harder. More determined. Toward America.

The evolution was too slow for an epiphany. That is, the realization that I am neither Democrat nor Republican. And, that I am also not the Independent that supposedly holds the keys to control of the political universe. I am an American. I stand on firm ground. Freedom is my birth right. Individual liberty. Both gifts from God and guaranteed me by the law of the land and neither of which blends well with subservience to a political party.

Reality provides clarity. No matter the political party or its professed vision for the country it is the party not the people or the country that ultimately becomes the focus. Keep the power. Stay in control. Shape the country. Condition the serfs to accept the party’s vision. Misinform. Disinform. Promise, promise, promise. But, above all else keep the power. Power. The necessary ingredient to a potent brew of absolute corruption.

Individual liberty is the foundation of this country. God given above that. Are not the people sent to serve in government servants of we the people? Not we the party. I am not represented. The party bosses, their financiers and fringe elements are. Should I walk away and let them have it?

The political hucksters tell me it is I who must bridge the chasm. Close that great divide. Come together with those who have opposing views. Danged few in Washington or in my Statehouse or in the media that dutifully programs the thinking of the uninformed seem appreciative of my world view. The world view brought to these shores by the people who founded and built this nation.

I do not know how to make it clearer. When you want to Gosnell unborn babies and call it a choice – while chanting hail Satan. When you want to reward law breakers who invaded my country only to partake of her treasure. When you want to speed the destruction of the American family by normalizing sexual deviancy. When you want to take away my freedom. When you want to abridge the rights guaranteed me. When you want to use the United States Armed Forces as the petri dish for your social engineering. When you want me to put God into Ellen’s vacated closet and keep Him out of your sight never to be heard about in public. And any number of other things. For you and I, there is no come together. You might as well blow that bridge because there is no walking to the middle of it. Not for me. Those things are firm. They are not like coming together on the best way to balance the budget. They are values. Enduring. Their purpose is to preserve society not fundamentally transform it.

I am about as in the middle of middle class as one can get. I had my first full time job when I was 16 years old. Forty four years later I am still at it. Just like my father before me. Twenty eight of those years were in the uniformed services of my country. I do not live in a large and fancy house. The one I do live in is mine. Paid for. I am not wealthy, but I also am not in debt. By far, I am not the lone American in this regard. Independence is the American dream.

I have traveled a great distance from Skin Fork Hollow or holler as it is called here in Wild and Wonderful. I learned early the great American values of work and dependence on no one but God and the abilities He gave to me. Because of that, like my country, He has blessed me much more than I deserve.

It is people like me who worked, served, dutifully paid our taxes and supported our country that built and sustained this place. Yes, we built the freest, most prosperous, most giving nation in the history of mankind. The politicians do not come courting us these days. The clear majority of Americans. To our chagrin, and likely to their ultimate demise, they court the fringes. They prefer the support of illegal immigrants, those who have enslaved themselves to dependence on them, and those who have abandoned God, morality and openly detest our founding principles.

I will have no part of the America they hope to build. The America most, even those rooting for it, do not want. This is not a Declaration of Independence. It is an affirmation of the Declaration our founders made in 1776. I will remain free and hold true to that which has made our country great.

Montana semper liberi – Mountaineers are always freemen.


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