American Journal June 2, 2013 Weeds in the honeysuckle

Have you ever smelled a honeysuckle in full bloom? Nothing quite like it. The world’s greatest perfumers would be challenged to duplicate the scent. It surrounds me here with its welcomed fragrance and beautiful vine. The deep green leafs and bright white blooms beautify the landscape.

If, in the middle of the vine, a weed makes it way to the top, it blights the beauty. Wary of the snake that may be cooling in the shade beneath the vine, but not fearing it, we wade into the middle and rip that weed out by its roots. Ensuring its total destruction and returning the honeysuckle to its unmolested beauty.

Victorious, considering the job done, we walk away only to notice the weed creeping across the lawn. The one we carefully mowed to precisely three inches. Watered, fertilized, and turned to a deep luscious green. It is our often feeble and vain attempt to beautify and improve on nature’s carpet. That sickly looking yellowish-green weed strives to detract from the beauty of the lawn we worked so hard to build and maintain.

We do not stand for it. We have zero tolerance for destructive weeds. We commence pulling, raking and even resorting to all out chemical warfare to obliterate the threat. After which we routinely survey, remaining ever vigilant for the return of any menace.

In our lives are weeds. They may be moral weeds. Ethical weeds. Greed weeds. Self-worshiping weeds. All types of poison weeds. Left alone they detract from and ultimately destroy what we are meant to be. We work hard at maintaining the beauty of the landscape. On that, some of us focus passionately. Or we intensely focus on our outward appearance and most assuredly these days too much on the appearance of others. We do that while our personal weeds threaten our inner-beauty – threatens to forever darken our souls.

God blessed each of us with life in America. A great country founded on His simple precepts, all of them included in one word. Freedom. America is the first place where people, in founding and governing documents, were guaranteed the preservation of the freedom and individual liberty gifted to them by God. Because of that, and for no other foundational reason, we were richly blessed. America remains the last true place for freedom in this world and is the lone beacon of hope for the world’s un-free.

Sadly, America has a plague of destructive weeds. Just as they destroy souls, a landscape, or choke the life from food crops they will suffocate the essence of life from a free, God-fearing nation.

We must remove our national weeds with vigor. It is clear that some wish America, the last free place, to end. They hope to replace God as the giver of freedom. If freedom originates with government, government can take it away. They believe that an all consuming government choking the life from its people is better than the individual freedom that has made us the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Freedom cannot be taken from us. We can only lose it if we give it away. America’s beauty and her freedom, like the souls of people, once lost will never return.

© 2013

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