American Journal June 22, 2013 What is the problem?

It is not a complicated question, but here in the land of the free we have trouble answering it. Our solutions focus on everything, but the problem.

Recently, I read that McDonalds was concerned about salad sales. On reading that, I felt a facial contortion that is a not too subtle neurological signal that something misfired inside my head. Apparently my reprograming is not complete. Otherwise a statement that intertwines hamburgers and french-fries with salad would not have sounded odd to me. Thankfully, liberal efforts to re-wire my brain have failed. That is problematic for the people hoping to fundamentally transform the American world view. Could be that is why there is such a progressive push to get children into mandatory public indoctrination centers at the earliest possible age. Salad and apple slices good. French fries bad.

When I walk beneath the golden arches, it is not in search of salad. The only salad I want is the lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles on my cheeseburger. The cheeseburger that I want sitting in a basket of golden fried potatoes. In a perfect world, potatoes fried in lard, covered with salt and dipped into copious amounts of ketchup.

The problem is not American eating habits. The problem is people who believe that proper nutrition can be taught or forced into fast food restaurants. Or, it is believing that fast food causes obesity rather than a cultural shift converting kids from physical activity into couch taters. The problem is holier than thou nanny-state politicians and their like-minded supporters who demand that fast food restaurants provide salad choices, put calories on the menu, take away the animal fat and salt and decide the size of my soda-pop. This was once a free country where businesses catered to the desires of customers and not to the whims of hypocrites who readily down a mountain of chili cheese fries when they think no one is looking.

If you want salad, find a location near a fast food place famous for hamburgers and fries and open up your salad bar. If your thinking is right, the hamburger joint will lose its business to you. Otherwise shut up and get out of my life.

The fast food illustration is just one example of how the people we hire to lead us appear unable to focus on the problem. When you cannot focus on the problem, there is little chance that of solving it.

In America, for example, we do not have an illegal immigration problem. We have a border security problem. We do have a legal immigration problem. We allow terrorists to enter our country on bogus student visas and then lose track of them until they kill a few thousand people. Or, we invite them in from Chechnya where they learned to hate western Christian (especially American) culture before they were weaned. Then we put them on welfare and do not concern ourselves again until they blow up a marathon. Want to understand the real problem? Start by following the money from the corporations who will most benefit from amnesty to the coffers of the politicians who are pushing it the hardest.

We hear a lot of talk about the problem with a surge in the number of Americans that receive food stamps. Actually, what they now receive is a widely abused Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. This can either be viewed compassionately as help for Americans who need it or as making them more dependent on the government. Could there be something else behind the surge in food stamps. Try this. Google “J. P. Morgan food stamps.” Follow the money solve the problem or at least understand it. The problem will not be solved until Americans figure out how to break the link between corporations and the pockets of corrupt politicians.

Problems have roots. Solving them requires an understanding of the root. Most problems in America have their roots in corrupt politics tied to money and the wrong-headed ideology that utopia can be legislated or regulated into being.

Utopia is not having to pay for calorie counts on menus and for salads no one is buying. Utopia is kids playing football in the back yard rather than on the game box. Utopia is representative leadership that understands problems and how to fix them.

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