American Journal June 29 2013 Independence

Some of you are busy writing America’s eulogy. We are done. Super power no more. Land of the once free. Morally deficient. Godless. Leaderless. Borderless. A cultural calamity. Headed for third world status. Pardon me if I do not go with you on that trip into oblivion. It is a surrender ride. It was ingrained into my psyche long ago that surrender is only an option when you no longer have the means to resist. To paraphrase alcoholic poet Dylan Thomas writing to his dying father, do not go gentle into that good night because if we, you and I, allow night to fall in America the rest of the world will most certainly grow even darker, colder and more merciless.

When there is no longer a strong, freedom loving America led by a pro-American lion to confront the world’s dictators, world cataclysm is just around the bend. It appears near now, does it not? Scribble that down in your journal, or on your Facebook page or tweet it or place it where ever you keep such notes. Just do not forget it. This too. Dictators are not too willing to share the power or the profits of power or to ever return forfeited freedom. The free cell phones will stop working. When there is no good to oppose evil, evil will fight for control of the world.

Where is the American fighting spirit? The spirit General George Patton talked about when he declared “Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.” The General was chasing freedom hating Nazis across Europe. Is America not still the world’s beacon of freedom? Should we bow to the freedom thieves and snuff out Lady Liberty’s torch. If you have never traveled outside of New York or some other liberal utopia, you probably do not know that the United States of America is the only place in this world where the law of the land guarantees your freedom. Why on God’s green earth would you ever forfeit the gift of freedom? America is freedom’s last stand. Americans have fought and died for freedom around this globe. We are not conquerors of nations, we are a freer of peoples. Now our fight is here. In the homeland. America. Freedom. Fight for it, or lose it.

Catching up on my yard work today, for reasons I cannot explain, a verse from the Battle Hymn of the Republic kept repeating itself in my mind. “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free…”

This is America. The land of the free. Do you not understand what that means? This place was built by people who knew God and cherished Him and His gift of freedom above all. People who had the courage to stand and fight for what they believed against the superpower of the day. They risked life and fortune to start the greatest nation on earth and in that endeavor many of them sacrificed both. They secured freedom for us. As Ben Franklin declared, “We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.” Now, many of us seem content to allow mealy mouthed politicians, identity groups, a corrupt administration, and a corrupt justice system including a broken supreme court to flitter it all away. Transform us into something we are not and did not seek. Can we keep our republic?

I cannot count the times when I have been asked, what can we do? Sadly, at this point in history, the root of all evil drives America. Money. People give up everything for the security they believe is brought to them with dollar bills. Politicians covet it, kowtow to those who provide it and sell their souls for it. We can only bring America back to her roots when we interrupt the cash flow to those who would destroy her for profit. Where do you spend your money? Do you spend it in places that support killing unborn children and contribute financially to organizations like Planned Parenthood? Do you spend it on sponsors of television programming whose sole purpose is the glorification of homosexuality? Do you spend it on the sponsors who support clearly biased news media whose purpose is pushing a political agenda? Do you spend it at businesses supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants? If there is something you view that opposes what you value or what you believe America truly stands for, then maybe it is time to look at what you unconsciously fund. Millions of us unconsciously fund what we claim to detest. Reduce that by a fraction and you cut off the flow of cash to the Washington establishment that, rather than protecting them, is selling our country and our freedom to the highest bidder.

Maybe it is time for a personal declaration of independence.


Thanks to IrishHawk, a great link to the Battle Hymn of the Republic

2 Replies to “American Journal June 29 2013 Independence”

  1. Irishhawk77

    JD –

    I join you in declaring my independence. As a Christian I believe that Salvation is guaranteed. However, I understand that Freedom must be fought for until your last breath.

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