American Journal March 17, 2013 Wacko Birds

Homeland Security classifies military Veterans as potential terrorists. Senator Feinstein from San Francisco, the place that provides us with so many great political minds like don’t call me ma’am Barbara Boxer, claims, “a Veteran may be mentally ill and should be prevented from purchasing firearms.” The declaration came during a discussion about exempting military retirees from any federal assault weapons ban. She justified her position by stating, “with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War…”

I am not sure how one should politely and respectfully address a member of the Senate who makes such asinine assumptions. Not every Veteran suffers from a mental illness Senator and PTSD is as old as are the traumatic events that cause it. But, you may have a point. Many Veterans have suffered tremendously and many have spent large portions of their lives defending what Secretary of State Genghis John Kerry so aptly described as your right to be stupid. I do not know if such acts are symptoms of a mental illness or not. If so, classify me as a certifiable nut, or maybe allow me to be in the same class our newly defined wacko birds.

I do have a serious question for you Senator. I know you are not as smart as a 6th grader, but give it your best shot. Do you not serve under an oath quite similar to the one under which I served? I see it as a mutual contract. Other Veterans and I swore to protect and defend the Constitution. Did you not also do that? My part of that obligation, along with my brothers and sisters in the profession of arms, was to keep you safe so that you could perform your part of the job. Your part of the obligation is to defend freedom and protect my constitutionally guaranteed rights. One of us is failing. Rather miserably.

Wacko Birds. That was what that maverick conservative mind and runner up to the most unqualified man to ever run for the presidency John McCain called the Senators that chose to participate with Senator Paul in his filibuster. Like Senator Paul, the Senators with him wanted to know if we should start neighborhood drone watches.

I like these wacko birds. It has been a long time since someone had the gumption to question the actions of the Washington establishment and the career politicians who are systemically destroying our nation. These lifers are men and women who long ago forgot their purpose- their obligations to fulfill the sworn oaths under which they serve. We cannot be sure that purpose was ever in their hearts to begin with.

I do not know how many times I have played back Senator Cruz’s questioning of Senator Feinstein. The summation of his questioning was quite simple. Where do you stop? Which freedoms are important? Are not all of them important? Is the guarantee that no one shall infringe on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms any less of a right than free speech? Or the right against unlawful search and seizure? Freedom of religion?

I ask my liberal friends, and I do have some although they are farther from the liberal ideology than they are willing to admit, which freedoms do you want to give up? Freedom of Religion is already suppressed. Campaign laws stifle free speech, which is also the main focus of political correctness and “so-called” hate speech. Many states and local governments have gun laws that violate the Constitution and Diane Feinstein should head back to the West Coast utopia she helped build and enjoy the gun bans there. Or move to Chicago.

Where does the loss of freedom creep end? It ends when more people stand behind Senators like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and abandon the establishment lifers. Or, it ends when a nation of free people are disarmed by a tyrannical government and are rendered destitute by the economic policies of the same government. Destitute people unable to defend themselves produced Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Hitler’s Germany, the Kim clan’s North Korea…. Famine will control a country.

Embrace God. Embrace freedom. Defend the Constitution. Defend America. Stand up.


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