American Journal May 12 2013 Dereliction of Duty Abuse of Power

Dereliction of duty.

What greater duty does a President have than the protection of American citizens? Most especially those performing the government’s work in a foreign land.

To neglect that most important duty and then blatantly lie about it to the American people is disgraceful. I do not know how any American serving in danger can feel confident that government leadership will be there when most needed. Lying politicians are not a new phenomenon. Bold liars however, can only be so when they believe they will never be found out.

They become bold liars when they believe the big media voices will sing from whatever sheet music they are provided. Sadly, most have. But there seems to be a tiny hole in that dyke. Random acts of journalism are turning up in places other than Fox news, citizen blogs and talk radio. Either they will successfully lie their way out of Benghazi or that dyke is going to break. When it breaks, Watergate will no longer be the reference point for government scandals and cover-ups. Covering up burglary or covering up murder? You decide. People will go to prison.

Much of the American media is scurrilous at best and only supporting of whatever agenda fits its ideology. Such people lack character. They lack honor. When the going gets ugly, they are loyal only to self. They will rather quickly abandon the sinking ship of state rather than help plug the leaks. They will quickly join the circling sharks for a feeding frenzy. As the administration sacrificially tosses people overboard, they media will gleefully rip them into shreds. Hope you have a life vest Hillary. Those in the crippled vessel hope the sacrifices will satisfy the hunger. They will not. The perseverance of the dying media will have nothing to do with getting to the ugly truth. It will be about trying to regain some measure of credibility with the American people. This is what the administration fears most. Otherwise, why would the most transparent administration ever hold a closed, off the record meeting with “news” reporters?

There are people out there who can put this whole business to rest, but they need to do an honor check. Calling General (Retired) David Petraues. It is your legacy General. It can be one of courage and doing the right thing or it can be one of self-preservation. History will tell the truth later or you can do it now.

There is something else the media is not talking about – yet. The coming battle royal between the Clinton machine and the Obama machine. Get the popcorn. This one is going to be a doozie sports fans.

Abuse of power.

Remember the days of the Patriot Act? All of the apologists were out there asking, “If you don’t have anything to hide, what’s your problem?”

Abuse of power. That is the problem.

How about the Internal Revenue Service going after conservative organizations. Singling them out for scrutiny. Do you really believe that it was “low level” IRS employees that took it upon themselves to do that? If so, you are pretty doggoned gullible. In this case, we can eliminate any abuse of power. We can change the tax code to a flat rate for everyone and close the IRS. Dear Congress, please do not let this crisis go to waste.

When I think about abuse of power nowadays, a lot comes to mind that is downright frightening. What about drones? They are already flying about. When you turn on your GPS, the satellite does such a swell job of pinpointing where you are that the speed limits change right where the sign posts sit. Do you think the government does not have the ability to use that technology to pinpoint you for the drone that might fire a hell fire missile up your tail pipe? They can do that with your cell phone too. Hmmm? Makes you ponder the simpler life does it not? Think about all of the cameras watching your every move. Your phone calls being recorded. The family tree and lists of “friends” you built on Facebook. Your emails being captured because in one of them you dropped one of those words…..

All of you big government fans need to think clearly about the powers given to government. Times have proven that the people exercising those powers are not always scrupulous nor do they always have America’s best interest at heart.


One Reply to “American Journal May 12 2013 Dereliction of Duty Abuse of Power”

  1. Irishhawk77

    . . . all big government fans chew on this thought for a few seconds. The Affordable Care Act (Obummer Care) is in the process of hiring 16,000 IRS agents to manage taxing you for your health care. Time to wake up folks.

    JD – I’m afraid the spineless GOP will let this crisis go to waste. They are already talking about more “rules” and “legislation” to correct the IRS problem. None of which will be worth any more that warm bucket of spit in solving Abuse of Power.

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