American Journal May 18, 2013 Fascism, liars, traitors

The President is outraged over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal, which is only one of the triad. When he directed some presumed anger at the problem he amazingly just found out about, Congress dutifully welled up with anger. Tax mooch Democrat Charlie Rangel was beside himself. Republicans tried to out-anger the vocal Democrats. Probably some great future campaign footage shot during the hearings. After all, is that not what most things in Washington are about these days? Who will this help or hurt politically? Who cares about America? This is all about me and my stature in the party.

In lockstep with our progressive government and Congress, the progressive and sycophantic news media fell in line and became similarly outraged.

Just as they decided which war was worth fighting and which was not, this collection of people decided for all Americans which scandal most needed attention. Attention from the people who brought it to us in the first place.

Benghazi, having barely made it to the front part of the news, quickly dropped below the fold or disappeared altogether. Relegated back to citizen Internet blogs – America’s only hope for truthful journalism.

If this was a made for television movie, I would have long ago switched channels. Maybe to the food channel. If something is going to give me terminal indigestion it should at least be palatable. The unbelievable story line? A scandal was about to break open so horrible that most Americans if knowing the whole truth would not only demand resignations of many, they would also demand lengthy prison terms or worse. Just in the nick of time, a planted question brings about an unsolicited apology for the fascist operation that the IRS has become. The President shares his outrage with the nation, directing us toward the real scandal we should be concerned with – the one that can be easily laid at the feet of “rogue” underlings. Underlings, who will admit guilt, resign apologetically with full government pensions and never be heard from again. All designed to distract from the scandal tied directly to the Whitehouse – the one where Americans died – the one they want us to forget about. The one where there is growing evidence of a gun running operation. Was it an operation supplying weapons through Libya to the Syrian “rebels” who are looking remarkably like Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and Al-Qaida terrorists?

The question that some nether want asked or answered? Was what happened in Benghazi a battle for control of the weapons provided by agents of our government? That possibility is not too hard to believe considering that we own the Arab spring movement that did as many warned usher in Muslim Brotherhood control. We are providing advanced fighter aircraft and the world’s most advanced main battle tank to them now. These are weapons that will ultimately be turned toward Israel and Americans.

But there is another twist to the story line that will make it much more interesting. It is truth that evil cannot exist in the light, which is why my daily prayers include a request that God’s light of truth shine brightly across our land. While the light is momentarily dimmed over Benghazi, it is shining brightly on the fascist tactics used by arguably our most powerful government agency in that it can destroy at will most any American or entity and under current leadership stands ready to do that to promote a political ideology. With that, consider the telephone records of AP journalists taken by the most political and corrupt Department of Justice in history.

At its core, these two scandals point directly to elements of the government using the power of government to destroy political opposition and attack free speech and the free press. The Benghazi scandal, when back in the light, will show a government willing to arm the people who attacked us and still want to destroy us – all to advance a failed political ideology and who are spurred on by the members of the Muslim Brotherhood working at the highest levels of our government. Traitorous.

The good end to this story? The light of truth is shining brightly on the dangers of placing big government in the hands of people who are willing to use it as the weapon of choice to destroy our country and its freedom. The first step toward healing? Resignations and long prison terms. The second step? Repeal of the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, abolish the IRS and implement a simple flat tax rate for all Americans to pay. After that, we can abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Education…..


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