American Journal May 5, 2013 Forty years ago

My sweetheart and I had relatively similar starts in life. Hers began in a rural South Korean farming village where at the time both drivable roads and electricity were in short supply. Mine started in a West Virginia coal mining camp. Yesterday, we celebrated forty years of marriage. Our friends sent us a card pointing out the many changes that have taken place over forty years. Cell phones, Internet, cable television, etc… Improvements? I often wonder. Still, the card caused me to ponder.

Forty years ago, Jimmy Carter declared that we must become energy independent.

Forty years ago, the Vietnam War was winding down leaving our nation a generation of practically forgotten and unappreciated heroes. The Vietnam War was lost first in the marbled hallways and paneled offices of Washington, DC. While war is but an extension of national politics, politicians demonstrated for Americans and also our enemies that they are not very good at war fighting. Political polling is not a good battlefield strategy. Ironic, is it not, that again in our history inept politicians are unnecessarily putting a generation of our young men and women through hell because they try to extrapolate party politics and ideology to battlefields half way around the world?

Vietnam was also lost in the streets and on college campuses across the nation. Draft dodgers were still taking refuge in Canada, only later to be granted amnesty by President Carter along with upgraded discharges for deserters one of whom almost became our President. Another draft dodger who famously stated that he loved his country, but loathed the military pretended to be in ROTC just long enough to get deferred. He became our President. His less than impeccable character always on display.

Young and liberal kids, two things that invariably go together until life’s realities smack them in the face, were led down the path of protest by wealthy, spoiled brats who never in their protected lives had to face a scintilla of hardship. Never had to provide for themselves or lift a tool in labor. The most famous of them is Jane Fonda. She once told University of Michigan Students, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become Communist.” Since communism is atheistic, I wondered to whom Jane suggests that we fall on our knees and pray. Just further proof that when everything in life is handed to you and you are surrounded with sycophants seeing to your every need somehow inside your feeble mind you believe that communist utopia will provide the same for everyone.

There was also the future Secretary of State John Kerry. Aided by the likes of liberal politician Ted Kennedy, he and his phonies lied to America about the conduct of our Soldiers in Vietnam. The same tripe he continued when he proclaimed that American Soldiers were terrorizing Iraqi women and children in their homes.

There were other Vietnam protest elements of the time. The Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary organization, for example. Certainly, by now you know of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They are terrorists. Ayers likes having his picture taken standing on the American flag. He bombed police stations, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. He enjoys freedom in America. In his living room began the political career of the current President of the Unites States of America. Ayers has and continues to influence education in our country, recently declaring in a speech to college students that America is over.

It was during Vietnam, when the American media discovered their enormous power to sway public opinion by what was reported and what was not. The American media, in those days there was no alternative, so misreported the war that one of their icons Walter Cronkite declared to America that the war was lost during his reporting on the Tet Offensive of 1968. Just for the record, America’s Soldiers never lost a battle in Vietnam and Tet was a devastating defeat for the North. Sadly, Americans believed what was reported by the “most trusted name in news” and his colleagues. Today’s so-called mainstream media learned from their elders and are now little more than communist ideologues – useful idiots. Someday, Americans will hold them accountable for the damage done to our country through their abuse of one of our most important freedoms – a free press.

Those people of the 60s and 70s are running our country these days. Nary a Washington politician and most assuredly not the news media will call them what they are – communists. For a Washington politician, the most feared label after racist is McCarthy-ite. The media belongs to the communists. Spineless politicians cower to it. Are made or broken by it.

Our country is led by men and women who are communist in their ideology. Their few vocal political challengers are marginalized by the most watched and read media sources. Their misdeeds that cost American lives are covered up and never fully reported. Since the communist minded have formed an unholy alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, we are at war with an enemy that we cannot speak of. America’s – and freedom’s – real enemy is that unholy alliance. It is focused on one thing. It is the same goal as had the pot heads, communist collaborators and terrorist bombers from forty years ago – the destruction of America.

I pray that history will show that this is the time when Americans declared enough!


Bill Ayers: Weather Underground Bombings Nothing Like Boston Attack

2 Replies to “American Journal May 5, 2013 Forty years ago”

  1. Irishhawk77

    JD and “Sweetheart” may you have many more happy years together. Those anniversaries than end in”O’s” are special.

    Ditto to Rob above – let’s see if there is any spine left in what “Opposition” is left in those hallowed halls. We’re down to less than a handful of US Senators with spine, and the House leadership is scaring the daylights out of me.


  2. Rob of Arabia

    We’ll see how impartial the media is this week with their coverage of the House Oversight Committee when it discusses the Benghazi attack on May 8th.

    But we need to end this essay on a happier note – congratulations to you and your wife for 40 years of marriage!


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