American Journal November 3 2013 Trifling with Honor

John Paul Jones famously stated that he would lay down his life for his country, but could not trifle with his honor. There was something for which he was willing to sacrifice his life if need be, but there was nothing for which he would sacrifice his honor. Would not that be refreshing in modern day Washington?

Looking across our national leadership, I am not confident that there is anyone willing to lay his or her life on the line for anything or anyone, but their souls were forfeit or sold long ago. Honor? Lying and deceitfulness to further ones aims is standard practice. If honor in America is not dead, it is certainly in a spiral along with morality, respect and common decency.

The President of the United States of America is a proven audacious liar. Millions of Americans are suffering because of his lies. Untold millions more will unless our ship of state is put back on a true course. Resigning would the honorable thing. This is why it will not happen. Honor left the Presidency about the time we were trying to decide what the meaning of is is. Honor left Washington in general long before that.

There is one institution that could restore honor in American politics. Unfortunately, it will not because it has no honor itself. It is dishonest to its core. It is the American news media whether print or broadcast. I do not understand why a profession that should be one of freedom’s most passionate protectors second only to our all volunteer armed forces could be so derelict. If I was a journalist, responsible for reporting the news to free citizens I believe I would hang my head in shame. If doctors performed their duties as do those in our country who consider themselves journalists, it would be akin to national euthanasia.

I see honor leeching from the leadership ranks of the military too. Officers with a political focus or those who fear for their careers standing by silently while proven warrior leaders without good cause are purged from the service. Standing by while religious freedom of serving men and women is crushed. Standing by while ridiculous rules of engagement are killing our Soldiers… Silently standing by while the constitution they are sworn to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic is bent, folded, spindled and mutilated. When those willing to speak out against tyranny are gone from the services, what will be left?

If there was honor in journalism, a lie could not survive. A lie cannot withstand the bright light of truth. Our President’s life is a fabrication. The American news media, that which most Americans view on their televisions every night, never investigated or reported on his life leading up to the national political scene. And still refuse to do it. They never fully reported on multiple scandals any one of which could put many people in prison and lead to impeachment. They parrot whatever they are told from the Whitehouse, with few exceptions. They, who should be our most ardent defenders of a free and truthful press, are enabling the destruction of the free press. Not only do they refuse to ferret out and report the truth, they viciously attack anyone who else does?

Why do they refuse to be objective journalists?

Could it be they view themselves as the opposition to Rush Limbaugh? Here is some advice to the left leaning media and I am betting Mr. Limbaugh would agree. If you did your job thoroughly and truthfully, Rush Limbaugh and others would go out of business. People would not need to turn to them to hear what you refused to report.

Could it be that they are so ideologically aligned with the communist utopians that they are blinded to the truth and the fact that the truth is so painfully opposed to all they believe? Or is it because they know they have to support the lies to further their personal utopian dreams? Are they simply in denial because they are all so vested in the success of the current communist utopian regime?

Could it be because they are afraid of ending up like Andrew Breitbart?

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