American Journal October 14 2013 Dependency Nation

I had a ham sandwich in my left hand and the steering wheel in my right. It was breakfast about 6 AM driving north on Interstate 81 through a rainy Shenandoah Valley. Headed for Northern Virginia just outside Babylon on the Potomac, I felt a bit of dread about the time I would need to spend on Interstate 495 A.K.A. the Capitol Beltway. Truckers had promised a rolling blockade for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was glad for that. Glad that Americans are beginning to stand up against what is quickly becoming a tin-pot dictatorship. Still, being an impatient human with places I needed to be and knowing how even a single fender bender there can tie up traffic for miles caused some trepidation. But I was stoic. I would endure and support my freedom loving brethren who drive big trucks to keep our country supplied with the necessities of life. Even if it meant sitting for awhile in Beltway traffic. I did it during my compulsory sentence there and I could do it now for a purpose.

When I finally had to hit 495 around noon, I was surprised by the lightest traffic I can recall from all of my years driving that stretch of roadway at the same time of day. I saw no trucks. I left 495 and cruised through malfunction junction (where 95, 395 and 495 collide and exits actually cross on ramps) with no delays or bother except for the usual very courteous Beltway drivers. Maybe the planned Babylon Blockade did not work out for the truckers, but their point was made and the evidence of light traffic suggests they were supported or at least taken seriously.

Early Sunday morning, my wife and I were having the hotel provided breakfast. Instant eggs, stale bagels, weak coffee. Of all the times we have had this complimentary breakfast, the television set has never been tuned to the Fox News Channel. It was always some liberal drone on the Today Show. The television selection was a pleasant surprise. The room was filled with seasoned citizens mostly. Maybe one of them got to the television first.

At a table next to ours sat a rather obese gentleman. Probably in his late forties. He had a shaved head. I only mention that because his head was huge. Dang near as big as Karl Rove’s. He is the guy you can always hear talking from anywhere else in the room. With him, sat an obese young woman. Daughter I presumed. A teenager. With a studded pierced upper lip. There was a fortyish looking woman there too. A well tattooed lady.

On television, there was much talk about the continued government shutdown and the Veteran’s assault on the Barrycades scheduled to kick off in a couple of hours. The daughter asked the Dad about the television discussion. In an angered tone loud enough to hear for all who cared to listen he blurted, “The Republicans shut down the government and Fox News is just a bunch of propaganda!” I looked at him as did others. He followed up his profundity by shoving some pastry into his face. And licking his fingers. Just as I was about to ask him if he knew what a communist was, my wife placed her hand on mine and gave me the look. You know the look. The never engage an idiot look.

Circumstances required us to hit the road toward Wild and Wonderful well before the riot police greeted the Veterans. It was another drizzly ride down 81. The weather cleared some as we turned west into the hills. The autumn colors are subtle. Peak color is still about a week away. The view of the rolling hills transitioning seasons is still breath taking. Just like the freedom that is my birth right, the communist cannot take away the beauty of the hills.

The protesting truckers only want their freedom. They want to pursue happiness as is also the American birth right. They do not want their livelihood strangled by oppressive regulation brought to them by an ever more invasive and oppressive government. A President who would barricade War memorials to prevent Veterans from what might be their only chance to visit one is a despicable man. One not worthy of the blessing of living in this great country nor the company of the Veterans whom he clearly detests. He is only where he is because those World War II Veterans turned back the Third Reich and Japanese Imperialism. It is an even more despicable man that would withhold death gratuity payments from the families of Soldiers who died in his war. The one he called the right war. The Veterans who appeared at the protests on Sunday and across the nation still hold true to their oaths to defend freedom and the Constitution of the United States.

There was another uprising of sorts. In Louisiana, two Wal Mart stores were cleaned out when the computers showed no limits on EBT (food stamp) card purchases. Amazing how fast the word can get around is it not. In some other states, the system went down and no purchases could be made with the EBT cards. Panic ensued. Many of the card holders, it turns out, went to their Twitter accounts to tweet about the dire circumstance. Do you suppose they tweeted from their Obama phones? Not likely. They need food stamps, yet they are able to get to the Internet for a tweet.

This weekend showed us the fundamental transformation of which the President and his Congressional and media enablers are so proud. A transformation from a nation of hard working people represented by those truck drivers and a nation of proud service represented by the Veterans to the Dependency Nation represented by the EBT card holders and brought to us by this regime. As soon as Obama care takes hold, the foundation for a Communist state is set. Fundamental transformation completed as promised.

Funny thing history. It is quite telling. Communism and Socialism always fail. Usually leaving millions in the grave yards and a once strong middle class in abject poverty. This try will fail too. Prayerfully before it takes hold. If not, history also shows that when dictatorships fail it rarely goes well for the dictator and his enablers.


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  1. Rob of Arabia

    Glad to read your wife saved you from a worthless excercise of arguing with that individual. Remember the old expression, “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.” And clearly, this individual was unarmed – he voted for the Big O.

    God save the Republic.

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