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It was once a magnificent nation. She was founded by free men in revolt against an aloof, tyrannical monarch who was little more than a common dictator by any reasonable definition of the term.

The founders were principled. They were scholars of world history and knowledgeable of failed societies and governments and the causes of their failures. With freedom secured, they were determined to build a more perfect union than those that went before them into history’s dust bin. Principled people with a Biblical Judeo-Christian foundation wrote a Constitution closely adhering to Biblical principles and nature’s laws. It was the world’s first free Constitutional Representative Republic. It was neither monarchy nor democracy. It was indeed exceptional. It was the only nation in recorded history that recognized and guaranteed God-given freedom that could never be taken by man. Guaranteed individual liberty – the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – was its foundation. It was a government meant for a moral people serviced by representatives of integrity selected from the people by the people. The founders sealed the country’s founding by proclaiming trust in God and a firm reliance on His divine protection.

It was a country with a free market economic system destined to build the world’s strongest economy and strongest manufacturing base. She would build a middle class that was the envy of the world. It was a free class of working men and women to which immigrants from around the un-free world wanted to become a part. Here, people were expected to and were able to work and advance their lot in life. Over the many years, there were medical advancements and scientific achievements unheard of in any other country. It built great amounts of wealth and shared more of it with other nations than any other country before it or since.

It built a military that was the most powerful and capable in the history of mankind. Foes were reluctant to act against this great nation realizing the futility of challenging it militarily.

Like any growing nation, this one had its warts and trips down paths better not traveled but was always able to overcome and make itself better. It was those Judeo-Christian values, the guarantee of freedom, and the reliance on God that allowed a more perfect union than any before it. It was the proverbial island of freedom and prosperity in a sea of nations of mediocrity.

Then came the communist utopians.

The mindset of a communist utopian is simple. There is no God no matter how often they proclaim there is one. To them, God is the function of government. What is moral is defined by the individual. The wealth of this nation was stolen from other nations. Individual wealth was stolen from the poor, stolen from the workers who produced the wealth. The government as designed is simply not fair. The utopians believe equal chance means equal outcome. To achieve this, wealth must be redistributed. It must be taken from those who earned it and equally distributed to those who did not. It is government that knows what is best for the people. The people serve the government.

To achieve utopia means deconstructing what made the great nation.

First they re-wrote history. The founders were no longer principled, Godly men. They were evil, rich white men. They were a self-serving lot and greed driven. The government they designed had only the purpose of securing more wealth for them. On top of that, they were nothing more than slave owners enjoying wealth built by slave labor. The utopians taught this revision of history to children throughout the educational system and reinforced it in supposed institutions of higher learning. Many citizens, taught to accept what alleged scholars spoke as truth, became devoid of curiosity and began to accept the myth in place of truth. Delegitimizing of the great nation began with defining its founders as evil men with evil intentions. One might call this utopian projection.

A country standing on God-given freedom and adherence to nature’s law has no foundation if there is no God and moral relativism redefines natural law. The utopians mustered and all out and continuing assault on the legitimacy of God. His influence must be removed from all forms of public life. School children must never be allowed to utter a prayer. There is no place in public for that or for Christian symbols of any kind, at any time. And, for nature’s law. Killing unborn children is good. Homosexuality is good. A child does not need a mother and a father. Two mothers are fine or a single parent. Where there is God and family, communist utopia cannot exist.

The utopian mind believes free market economies are only about greed where the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. In reality, it is individuals seeking wealth that builds wealth for others. Utopians would rather take the money and use it as they see fit. They have practiced that so much in recent years that the 2011 census revealed more people on public assistance of some sort than people who have full time jobs. This is communist utopia achieved. The utopians that now control government can, with the flip of a switch, turn off the free lunch for the majority of working age Americans who receive them, effectively pitting them against those who work. Add to that, Obama care is about health care in the same way as homosexual marriage is about marriage and homosexual service is about service.

The utopians loathe the military, as Bill Clinton reminded us. The military had real values. The utopians have worked tirelessly to define the military as capable of only air raiding villages and killing civilians, as President Obama told us. Money spent on defense, they conclude, could be better spent elsewhere. The military is not inclusive enough. It is an old boy’s club. To make it more utopian, women must have direct combat roles and homosexuals must serve openly. Oh, and God must be discharged from the service as undesirable. Leaders who do not support the communist utopian worldview must be forced out of the service and these warrior leaders must be replaced by ideologically and politically aligned followers. So, when the constitution is suspended there will be no military leader left to oppose the abuse of and disarming of American citizens.

Welcome to 2013. The Utopian States of America.

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