American Journal September 19 2013 The Extreme Wing

The President, his arrogant lying press secretary, and his state run media lackeys have started the meme that the extreme wing of the Republican Party is trying to shut down the government. I love these characterizations. Progressives (we used to call them communists) are bold liars mainly because the media for the ignorant carry their water. Let me be clear, their most overused declarative phrase, when the progs accuse and slander they are projecting on to others what they practice as a matter of routine. Obeewan would be proud of their use of Jedi mind tricks that work only on the weak minded like for instance John McCain and Lindsey Graham also known as mainstream media’s favorite Republicans. Probably a bad example as both Johnnie and Little Lindsey are themselves progressives. It also works on those selling their EBT cards for cash and seeking more minutes for their Obama phones.

Have you noticed how different elements of our culture control the language? Lead is probably a better descriptor than control. “State run” media is a phrase I first heard while listening to Rush Limbaugh. Nearly as popular as his “drive by media” or Sarah Palin’s “lamestream media.” When Mr. Limbaugh uses such a phrase, you can count on it growing legs across his large audience to the point that people will start to use it without ever knowing its origin. He certainly is the master of his domain, but I believe he sends those phrases out like a submarine uses sonar – to check for echoes. All of us have a little insecurity, even Elrushbo, so we seek reaffirming feedback. He knows he has great ratings, but sometimes he needs affirmation that the ditto heads are still out there listening. In that assessment I could be wrong, but I think not.

So, when the President insists that he is the victim of extortion from the extreme fringe wing of the Republican Party he is testing to see if he still owns the largely slavish American media. When Jay the snake Carney steadily reinforces that thought in the Whitehouse daily propaganda sessions, he is running the same test. If the media does not pick up on that and run with it, just like a failing MSNBC host, they will grow more extreme in their comments and accusations – hold America hostage, war on women, taking healthcare away from millions of Americans who deserve better, reducing taxes for 95 percent of Americans. All stuff they can count on Juan Williams repeating to a Fox News audience.

Now you know why true conservatives are dubbed the extreme wing. Because the President speaks it and the media runs with it. Loving America, truly looking out for Americans, actually defending our Constitution and the Bill of Rights gets you boxed up and placed squarely in the extreme wing also known to Progressive John McCain as Wacko Birds. When the Wacko Birds gain traction because they are doing what Americans elected them to do, comments from the President and his assorted minions and admirers get a little more extreme. They will keep pounding on the extreme wing until some people will actually begin to question their motives. Sadly, they will get away with it because establishment Republicanism either agrees with them or simply lacks the intestinal fortitude (if you have an Obama phone that means no guts) to fight back.

So, have you ever wondered why no one talks about the extreme wing of the Democrat party? Quite simply, there is no longer an extreme wing of that party. Once it was the closet Communists, but nowadays and for some years coming the Progressives (we used to call them Communists) have become the mainstream of the Democrat party.

Progressivism crosses the party lines. Americans now have a clear choice – Communism or the “extreme wing” of the Republican Party.

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