American Journal September 29 2013 Exposed

Cutting red streaks across the sky, the sun was just beginning to show its face. The air, fresh and cool, smelled of new mowed grass. The low rolling and rumbling rhythm of a coal train passing through the valley below accompanied lively chirping of the morning songbirds. I reveled at the creation surrounding the patio in my back yard realizing that mortal men could not improve it nor could they destroy it. Still they are constantly trying the first one while fearing the latter.

The manmade things like the patio and its idled grill robed in black stood in stark contrast to the giant mum covered with brilliant yellow blooms, vegetation in all shades of green with the very beginning of autumn colors, and a brilliant morning sky. I was relaxing, steam coming up from my coffee mug. It was peaceful, serene. I actually wondered if this was real, if I was supposed to feel this good so early in the morning. My peace of mind was suddenly wrecked by an out of tune, out of rhythm gaggle of screeching, honking geese. The coal train long gone, the pleasant sounds of the song birds were completely lost behind the disruptive noise of the geese. There was no harmony between the beautiful scene and those painfully noisy geese, so it was easy to tune out the incessant honking and focus on the good.

We lose too much to the noise. If we allow ourselves to focus on it, we will miss the good things. We will lose track of our many blessings. It is like the lyrics of Mac Davis’ song:

You got to Stop and Smell the roses
You’ve got to count your many blessings everyday
You’re gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don’t Stop and Smell the roses along the way

I would like to meet Senator Ted Cruz someday. I feel like I owe him a debt of gratitude. Someday, prayerfully in the not too distant future, most Americans will feel the same. Senator Cruz restored some of my faith in the greatest system of government known in the recorded history of man. But, he accomplished something more significant than that. He exposed Washington. He peeled back the layers of political elitism reminding Washington and Americans that the job of politicians is to represent the will of the people. He made it quite clear who serves who and who is and is not listening to the people. It was like the morning sunrise I viewed from my patio. Quite refreshing.

Senator Cruz made it clear to any rational person that there are only two factions in Washington. The progressives (we used to call them communists) who have allied themselves with every radical faction in our country and some outside of our country in order to achieve their goals and the conservatives. Forget Democrats and Republicans. None of that matters anymore. There is a tectonic shift in American politics and the Senator exposed it for all to see. Over the coming months, what he accomplished will become more apparent as the true citizenry of this country makes its voice heard across the fruited plains.

His task is monumental, but his Army of freedom loving Americans is quite large. The majority of Americans if you can believe the endless polls, do not want Obamacare and want the government to reduce spending. America’s problem is the progressives running the Senate intend to do neither – the will of the people be damned. They are led by Harry Reid whose picture should appear beside Benito Mussolini’s in the book of who’s who of fascists. Of course he is dutifully following the President – or maybe leading him. The President negotiates with the Taliban, negotiates with Iran, hob knobs with the Muslim Brotherhood, and arms al Qaida in Syria, but refuses to negotiate with any politician who opposes his view forward for the country.

Americans have now seen fascist Harry for who he is and his Republican and Democrat enablers and the President’s inner Jeremiah Wright. Thanks to Senator Cruz we can see beyond all of the noise to a rebirth of a great nation.

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