American Journal October 5 2013 Hold the Line

In American government, we have opposing ideologies. Opposing world views with opposing goals. Forget about Republicans and Democrats. Those are but names. In recent years, used only to dupe Americans into believing that one party or the other actually cares about them. Their members? Merely players in the American millionaire sport of politics. Too many of them care first about themselves, second about the party, last about you and me except as a target for their well-rehearsed bovine scatology. Power is their trophy. Control is their intoxicant.

In both parties are communists and constitutionalists. Do not become lost trying to understand the other labels – liberal, progressive, conservative, and Lord help us, the independent because they are meaningless. They are a blurred conglomeration. It is hard to distinguish one from the other. Classical liberalism for example is about limited government and individual liberty, freedom of religion, the press, speech, free markets, etc. Behind the liberal label was a good hiding place for communists trying to abandon the sullied progressive label.

What sits behind a veil of political party is good and evil. The constitutionalists want to preserve the country and return it to the roots of our founding – God, individual liberty, small government, private property, free enterprise…adherence to the constitution – they are classic liberals. The communists want to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a wholly owned and operated government utopia.

Even the staunchest of the self-labeled conservatives will never say it so I will. I will because, as they say here in the hills, I got a dog in this fight. It is my freedom. It is the free country passed to me that I owe to my Granddaughters. What they will not say is that communists control the executive branch of our government and the United States Senate. These self-defined conservatives will never use the C word in public. They will not because they fear backlash from a largely ignorant and ideologically communist news media more than they fear losing our country to communism. The typical politician would rather walk through the gates of hell with a can of gasoline in each hand as to be labeled a McCarthyite, or a bigot, or an identity phobic of any sort by the wholly government owned and operated dishonest American media.

Fortunately the best system of government ever devised by men (divinely inspired in my humble opinion) will not allow communism to take hold unless communism totally controls all branches of our government. I am not so certain that it does not control all of it now except for the United States House of Representatives. Yes, whether by hook or crook, they control the vote of the United States Supreme Court. How else can one explain the decision of the Chief Justice who rewrote legislation so that he could then declare it constitutional – helping to force upon Americans a law that the majority did not want then and does not want now.

The House of Representatives is now our Little Round Top, our Battle of the Bulge, our Pusan Perimeter, our Khe San. If they fail to hold the line as American Soldiers did in all of those decisive battles, Communism wins Freedom dies. It reminds me of the story about the 82nd Airborne trooper at the Battle of the Bulge. An armored division was retreating from the advancing Germans. An 82nd Paratrooper, a Private First Class, asked a retreating tanker if he was looking for a safe place. When the tanker responded yes, the paratrooper responded, “Well, buddy, just pull your vehicle behind me…I’m the 82nd Airborne, and this is as far as the bastards are going.”

It is unknown whether Americans have found a safe place behind our elected members in the House of Representatives. Our Representatives have but two options. Hold the line and declare that “this is as far as the [communist] bastards are going” or surrender our freedom to them. Remember the code that inspired our Soldiers to hold the line:

I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

My commitment to the courageous men and women in the House of Representatives fighting this decisive battle for freedom – for me? Hold the line and this American will stand with you. And I will not stand alone.

© 2013

3 Replies to “American Journal October 5 2013 Hold the Line”

  1. Irishhawk77

    JD –

    Just had to pass on my thanks for one of your best. We can only stand with those that hold the line. I pray their ranks will increase as the battle rages on. Hope you don’t mind, but I forwarded your email to my Congressman.

  2. Old Trooper

    SGM, You are still hitting the nail square on the head. The past 5 years are nightmare material and the Leadership Deficit of this current Administration, the Senate and the Marxist DOD Appointees, the decline of Our once great Nation as a World Power and the treatment of Our Veterans is criminal as bloody hell. Holding the Line is damn appropriate in this situation.

    The destruction of the US is the Pretender in Chief’s goal. Economically, Failed Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy specific. Idiots voted for the Myth of Hope and Change twice and the US Dollar has been devalued twice.

    The destruction of Our Military is going on now. The ACA has destroyed MEDICARE as it was funded by stealing money from it to fund the ACA which is all about Identity Theft and Taxes and giving preferred Marxist groups like Unions and Traitors in the Federal Government exemptions and letting the Veterans and Old Folks be left to Fate.

    Email me and I will offer more on all of this. Take Care SGM and warmest regards to You and Yours. I receive the Thanks of an Ungrateful Nation and am running the family ranch in Montana, still break horses and bring cattle to market, railhead, on horseback and believe in my/our core values despite this Sham Government.

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