An errant compass

Honor holds that we follow a true path. The path laid out for us by our founders and clearly articulated in our founding documents that are based on Judeo-Christian values. It is a compass point in the opposite direction from where our country is headed. We can only be this far off course because we have people in the executive branch of our government who do not accept that path and who are more than willing to act in a lawless and dangerous manner to bring about their desire of a fundamental transformation. It is the path that led us to freedom, prosperity, and respect from most nations of the world. Even those who would rather see this shining example of the power of freedom snuffed out, still held respect. Respect because they know who we are and to what lengths we will go to be the guardians of God-given freedom. Even when it called for great sacrifice, we tried to help citizens of other nations gain and hold freedom.

I lay blame for most of what ails us on the executive branch of our government, but that branch certainly has its enablers. When one half of the legislative branch is complicit and the other half feckless who is there left to hold the executive branch accountable. The judicial branch? Headed up by a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote communism into American life by rewriting a freedom stealing law and then giving it the constitutional seal of approval. Not much chance there is it? How about the justice department itself? Okay, stop laughing. If our justice department were to actually go after criminals, it would have to arrest the man in charge of it then work its way out from his office in ever increasing concentric circles. Circles that would inevitably capture all of the federal police agencies wound up into the disaster called homeland security. Then it would have to wrap the long arm of the law around most cabinet level agencies. Is it no wonder that the Internal Revenue Service’s tenders are so arrogant? There is no fear of prosecution. There must be someone left in this commie cabal with a little bit of honor. Someone who values the country and the protection of those founding principles enough to lay his big fat government paycheck on the line to protect them. Those types appear to be as scarce as the peace loving moderate Islamists we keep hearing about.

There is little honor left in Congress. Protecting political power, party and their wretched behinds is much more important than the fate of our nation. The Speaker of the House said he is suing the President. That paper and five bucks might buy you a small cup of coffee at a designer coffee shop. And they will let you hold on to the law suit paper. It will do absolutely nothing to hold a lawless executive branch accountable. Start impeaching the criminals. Oh, I forgot. The Karl Rove Republicans just know that if they try that, Americans will hate them and vote them out of office. Well, ladies and gents of the establishment ilk it is too late for that. Americans already despise you. In Mississippi, Republican voters selected the candidate they want representing them in the Senate. To defeat your most dreaded enemy, which oddly enough is not the creep of communism well more like a stampede now, you committed fraud and bought democrat votes to keep a demented member of the establishment in the country club. One who is assured to vote and act however you tell him to. I am not a political prognosticator like the Roves of our world, who are probably clapping you on the back and saying good job, but I think you just lost the Senate and when the dust settles, Mitch McConnell if he survives Election Day will still be Harry Reid’s puppy. I was going to use a word that begins with a “b” that is also used to describe female dogs, but I need to remain general audience compliant. Congress hold anyone accountable? Not much chance. The citizens of Mississippi who voted for McDaniel will not come out to vote for Cochran. That is the shot fired at establishment republicanism. That is how you snatch annihilation from the jaws of victory.

For the people swarming our borders? Do you America haters believe they want to come here for more of what they left? Dictators and perpetual poverty? When they suck this well dry, they will be gone and with them our borders, language and culture and our country.

I try hard to adhere to a Biblical worldview so I believe this nation will be held accountable, but not by its man-corrupted institutions of governance. Before that happens, we are always afforded an opportunity to correct course. It is the people who must hold this government accountable, from the executive branch right on down to the most crooked politician. If we the people fail, America is over.

©2014 J. D. Pendry

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