An Ideological Paradox

Have you ever felt that you have reached a personal tipping point?  Being an old Soldier and also a veteran of the federal workforce, I still have a well functioning bovine scatology (BS) meter.  For months, it’s been redlined.

Not long ago, I asked what would be next when it comes to eradicating American history. Maybe I am slow to the table, but what I do understand is that the same people who want to remove all vestiges of the Confederate states from our history are not new.  They are also offended by the American Flag, The Star Spangled Banner, The Pledge of Allegiance, Christianity, our Constitution, and any person with the audacity to differ with their world view.  It is this group of world citizens that claim diversity and tolerance as their mantle.

They also question the legitimacy of our country.  Our Declaration and Constitution after all were written by rich white slave owners.  So brainwashed and idealistically hardened, they simply cannot see how this country has overcome so many internal issues, have buried more than a million Americans who fought wars from the Revolution to the present day so people could have the freedom, among other freedoms, to peacefully gather and protest.  They do not know or care that Americans have died in the name of freedom and saved millions of lives around the world.  They are ignorant of or simply do not care that America is the most generous nation that ever existed.  When you cannot see any good anywhere, how could you ever hope to recognize evil?  When it reaches this point, evil is often committed in the name of doing good.  Real history teaches us that never quite works out.

These protestors call themselves antifascists.  It is just one more indicator of their under education and over indoctrination by a collection of hippie college professors.  If they were moderately educated they would know that fascism desires to eradicate any opposing views.  They cry out for freedom of speech, yet riot when someone with a differing view wants to speak.  They call people who do not think as they do Nazis.  They are either purposely ignorant of history or stupid.  Or both.  Otherwise they would know that riots and physical attacks at opposition gatherings was a tactic of Hitler’s brown shirts.  The brown shirts, however, didn’t wear ski masks and pepper spray women half their size.  But, our “antifascists”, have yet to mature into outright murder.

So what happens when people finally tire of being attacked by mind numbed and often paid for brown shirts?  What happens is that people in real America, which to my knowledge does not exist on most college campuses or in most major cities, continue to devastate the brown shirts’ supporting political party on Election Day.  The more marginalized a political party becomes the more radical it becomes and so it is also with the media.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the Islamic State and aligned groups of murderers are wiping out Christian communities dating back to Biblical times and destroying ancient Christian structures and artifacts.  They are working hard toward eradicating history they do not like, except they have taken it to the extremes.  They have matured beyond pepper spray, breaking windows, setting fires, and destroying police cars.

Here in the land of the free, we are slightly more sophisticated.  Dead people seem to pop up around some political figures, but we are more into media and political assassination.  The whole Russian farce is the prime example.  I wrote about it before.  The table is now set for the new Special Counsel who will be dutifully led to the long before planted evidence completing the coup and the political assassination.  If this band of progressives and communists succeed, they will be even more emboldened.  They need not fear a challenge from establishment republicans.  Why wouldn’t they continue to re-write America’s history as they have for decades now demanding removal of the parts they do like and does not fit with their views – of the America they want not the one that is?

A nation without a history or history that is not true to the facts is not a nation or it is a nation without foundation.  It is a conglomeration of warring ideologies that will someday take it beyond words.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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