Army Strong?

In the summer of 1980, I volunteered to be an Army Drill Sergeant. As a Drill Sergeant candidate, I was sent to Fort McClellan, Alabama the former home of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). Then it was the home of the Military Police One Station Unit Training (OSUT), Chemical schools Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and a Basic Combat Training (BCT) Brigade. By autumn, I had completed Drill Sergeant School and was returned to my unit, where for the next two and a half years, I moved 14 platoons through BCT.

At the time I began my tour, the Army was experimenting with integrated BCT consisting of males and females in the same company, but in all male or all female platoons. The experiment, for lack of a better term, failed. We returned to gender segregated BCT.

I trained males and females in gender integrated and gender segregated companies. Integrated companies presented unnecessary problems for training cadre. Just a simple example – when we force marched a company, the straggler vehicle would be collecting primarily female trainees. Ultimately the pace was reduced so that most females could keep up.  Before that happened however, there were multiple stress fractures, mostly pelvic, caused by females lengthening stride to keep up. There were other distractions that could have been avoided also. That is the escapades of teenagers, male and female, locked away together in the same barracks for 9 weeks. There was also the problem between some unscrupulous male Drill Sergeants and female trainees. It was not an environment conducive to effective BCT. When we returned to same sex companies, males and females performed better.

Some years after there was a federal advisory commission formed that recommended against gender integrated training below platoon level and that males and females be housed separately, but the recommendations were disregarded. When my son graduated BCT in the 90’s his company was integrated at squad level. I was of the belief then and now that our basic trainees were not put into best possible training environment to learn discipline and basic combat skills. They were not integrated because it was the best training condition; they were integrated to support a social engineering agenda.

Then came Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). Contrary to popular belief, DADT was not the law that prohibited homosexual service it was federal law passed by Congress that did that. DADT was a Clinton Administration policy to circumvent the law passed by Congress. Under Bill Clinton’s policy, a person entering the service could no longer be asked if they were homosexual (don’t ask) and they could serve as long as they did not declare their homosexuality (don’t tell). The other common myth is that it was a military policy. For the stupid among us, under the Constitution it is Congress that establishes rules for the Armed Forces. But the typical news idiot will always tell you that the “military” policy prohibiting homosexual service was repealed. Although homosexuals have always served, we are a better force now because we have open homosexuality, homosexual marriage and homosexual dependents? I suppose those now serving will have to answer that for you.

Women in Combat Arms, was a discussion even before I left the service. Most of the women I knew were not interested and most of the men did not care as long as the women could me the standards. Combat Arms are now open to women. We were told that there would be no gender accommodations for physical standards…snicker, snicker… I saw a military times article that said there will be a unisex physical fitness standard. Male standards will be lowered. According to the Sergeant Major of the Army this will really increase troop morale. Well SMA, it looks like the participation trophy mentality has made it to the Army. Sorry brother, but maybe I am just an old dinosaur. But I do not recognize the Army you are building.

Now I suppose we have achieved social acceptance. Transgenders will now serve openly. I do not even know what that means. I suppose grooming and uniform standards just went out the window – and who knows what else. Will biological men wear women’s uniforms? Or male uniforms and make-up. Reckon that is why we are getting a unisex physical fitness standard?

Yep, let’s put another progressive administration in charge.

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