As the myriad of life’s memories cascade

By Charles Stokes

While the autumn leaves of my life slowly stir in the wind, turn and stir the memories that cascade before my eyes,

And fall from the big oak in the forest of life drifting ever so slowly on the currents of my memory.

I see the beautiful hues of crimson, bright yellows, and gold, reminding me Of times I woke up with God’s sunshine on my face; the birds singing the Joy of a new day.

I see the cinnamon browns and rust reds reminding me of times between, when I did not stop to hear my children laugh at the joy of chasing a butterfly.

I see the dark and dull leaves burnt from too much…reminding me of times I did not drink in the morning dew.

All of life’s leaves are turning and settling in a resting Place.

I see the beauty of autumn…

Now the floor is covered with memories white and silent as winter snow waiting… Seasons pass… leaves of yesterday disappear… saplings sprout and grow from nutrients left behind, nourished they become great trees.

And the seasons come and the leaves fall…


© 2019 Charles Stokes, All Rights Reserved

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