This is an important time for our country. It is the time we set aside to remember and show respect to the men and women who gave their lives in our nation’s wars. The men and women who in their hearts knew they were fighting for our foundational values. Fighting for the principles without which we would not be the world’s exceptional nation.

Families across our land have sacrificed great numbers of loved ones ensuring the freedom of what truly is the world’s greatest nation.

Barak Hussein Obama does not deserve to be their Commander-in-Chief. He is unfit to lead this nation or our Armed Forces. During this, thankfully his last year as our leader, he has stopped pretending to be Christian. He has stopped pretending to embrace the freedom and opportunity offered here. He has stopped pretending respect for the men and women who serve or have served in our Armed Forces and their families who throughout our history have sacrificed so greatly. He is a man who can send a delegation to the funeral of a thug but offer no condolences to the family of a murdered American hero. No, he would probably prefer to apologize for what evil America did to the people who openly call for the death of America, as by action does he.

He has bowed to the Saudis. The image of mass murdering Chairman Mao once adorned a Whitehouse Christmas tree. He signed a deal with Iran that is nothing short of a pact with Satan. His disdain for Israel is plain to see. He has embraced the Cuban communists and posed with them before an image of mass murderer Che Guevara.

This Memorial week however he reached the crescendo of his apologetic hate America tours. In his ideological world view formed in a mind clouded with communist progressive indoctrination since childhood, he believes he has accomplished great things while fundamentally transforming America.

This week he posed before a bust of Ho Chi Minh while shaking hands with the Communist leadership of Vietnam. Why not continue showing disrespect for those who served in that war? It is after all a Democrat tradition. There is no accounting for the American lives lost in that war. No acknowledgement whatsoever for their service and sacrifice. No consideration of the atrocities committed by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese against Americans, Prisoners of War and the indigenous population. No accounting for the South Vietnamese who were abandoned by liberal American politicians the likes of which were mentors to John Kerry. No accounting for the millions who died after these same politicians made it possible for the communist takeover of the country and the millions more who died in the Cambodian killing fields. Just as in Vietnam he continues the Democrat tradition in the Middle East of turning American military victory into a defeat with no regard or compassion for American lives lost and indigenous people left at the mercy of murderers. Nope, just more apologies for American evil.

At Hiroshima, he again apologized for the evil America unleashed on the world and brought upon the Japanese people. That is a simply breathtaking disregard for the millions of lives destroyed and atrocities committed across Asia by the Imperial Japanese even before their Sunday morning attack on Pearl Harbor. There was no acknowledgment of American lives lost defending America and defeating the true evil that was Imperial Japan. Not a mention while back home Americans are left to ponder the mistake of putting Obama into the highest office in the land while he repeatedly spits in our faces.

It must be a miserable existence living a totally made up life behind a façade hiding who knows what and being chosen to lead a nation you despise from her very roots. To all things there is a purpose. Barack Obama’s purpose was not the fundamental transformation of America. It was the awakening of Americans to the realization of who we are. Mission accomplished.

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